Career Opportunity

Project Manager

  1. Liaise with managers and clients to define project requirements, scopes, and objectives that align with organizational goals.
  2. Coordinate internal and external resources, ensuring that projects remain within scope, schedule, and budget.
  3. Analyze project progress and, when necessary, adapt scope or timeline to achieve optimal results
  4. .Assign roles and tasks to team members based on their individual strengths and abilities.
  5. Help build the skill sets of team members and share learnings with other employees.
  6. Achieve organizational goals while adhering to standards and best practices.



Employment Type

Full Time

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that all aspects of a project are organized and in conformance with timeline and deliverables requirement.
  2. Develop and maintain project performance database that tracks overall progress and achievement of milestones.
  3. Assign and monitor resources effectively to boost project efficiency and maximize deliverables output.
  4. Report project risks and outcomes to appropriate management channels and escalate issues according to project work plan.
  5. Serve as point of communication between company teams and external resources.
  6. Deepen partnerships with outside resources, including third-party vendors and researchers.

Education, Experience & Skills

  1. Bachelor's degree in engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent).
  2. Fluent English (additional languages is a plus).
  3. Three to Five years of experience in project management.
  4. Experience in coordinating teams and clients.
  5. Proven success in a corporate setting, working with all levels of management.
  6. Strong written, verbal, and presentation skills.

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