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The challenge of working with several distributed cloud environments is that every platform needs a different set of skills and tools, making it difficult for IT teams to continually manage security, service levels, compliance, and operations.

Liquid C2 offers the ultimate solution – a suite of cloud platforms that leverage the expertise of our professionals to deliver a consistent managing experience across a private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

Solve Your Complex Cloud Challenges With Liquid C2 Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Liquid C2 offers a range of cloud computing and hybrid solutions along with unparalleled customer support.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t merely a matter of why but also about how and when. Cloud promises agility, cost savings, and speed. But realising the actual value that cloud offers require overcoming challenges such as data recovery, sensitive data protection, data backup, and data gravity, compliance with regulations, security, cost management, and organisational change.

Liquid C2 hybrid solutions help your company navigate the complexities concerning cloud infrastructure and expedite your digital transformation journey through proven processes for changing people, technology, and functions effortlessly.

Take Hybrid Approach

Put all your apps in its ideal setting while creating a unified experience between private and public infrastructure. Maximise agility and ease while maintaining accurate control.

Connect With Premier Cloud Providers

Seamlessly integrate your private setup with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud-based Platform, and other public cloud solutions to build an enterprise-ready infrastructure for hybrid cloud.

Develop A Comprehensive Plan

Draft a business use case, get all your stakeholders on board, and tackle processes and people issues along with advancing your technology and create a plan for your apps.

Regulate And Optimise Costs For The Cloud

Place each of your application appropriate to where it has the capacity to run most efficiently in order to maximise savings from the cloud.

The Benefits Of Hybrid Clouds For Your Business

  • Capitalise on the cost-effective approach
  • Integrate public cloud computing with on-premise cloud hardware, delivering control of regulations and security
  • They function behind a firewall (like the private cloud)
  • Enjoy scalability that handles the computing demands fluctuations

Companies migrating to the cloud-based systems report better ROI, reduced application maintenance burden, reduced hardware footprint, increased agility, improved ease of access, collaboration from any device, regardless of the location.

So lower the ownership cost and boost productivity with hybrid solutions. From storage to software to security, harness the power and efficiency of the cloud.

Liquid C2 offers various cloud services, including managed hosting services to deliver consistent cloud solutions and custom managed hosting for hybrid cloud services.

Redefine How You Adopt And Gain Value From Cloud Solutions With Liquid C2

We have the advisory and technical expertise to help your business leverage the power of cloud solutions and transforming your enterprise. With us, choose the best cloud offering as per your business needs.


Advanced cloud management and monitoring (cloud infrastructure, application, networking, storage, data backup, disaster recovery solutions, database, and more) ensure that your entire IT architecture is always up and operating at peak performance.


We provide ongoing comprehensive cloud security management and monitoring by our competent Security Operations Centre to ensure that your data and apps are protected by complying with all necessary security standards.

Cost Optimisation

Frequent monitoring of the usage of your cloud environments to find out any under-utilised, unused, or incorrectly used resources to ensure you maximise your budget and minimise costs.

With Liquid C2, deploy, migrate and manage a complete cloud IT solution for your organisation – faster, better, and tailored to your business.

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