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The most reliable voice solution for businesses

Liquid Intelligent Technologies combines carrier grade voice calling at competitive call rates, enabling you to make and receive calls from any fixed, mobile or international network - allowing your business to communicate securely and affordably.

Communicate Without Disruption
Technology has made our lives undeniably easier. Businesses transitioning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their communication needs can do so by accessing services that simplify migration and limit business disruption and downtime. Research has shown that the growth of VoIP is mainly due to the minimal cost of setting up and negligible maintenance requirements.

Communication Without Boundaries
To build a better relationship with your stakeholders, you need to connect your customers, employees and offices seamlessly. Voice calling has become even more necessary since remote and hybrid workplaces became a thing. If you are looking for carrier-grade voice call quality at competitive call rates, then OneVoice for Calling is the solution for your business.

It’s essential to be connected all the time, and our voice solutions provide supreme call quality over the Liquid Intelligent Technologies IP Network to ensure that. Moreover, our rates are competitive because we have partnered with local mobile and fixed networks and more than 400 networks globally.

For your new branches or sites Liquid Intelligent Technologies can allocate new geographic or non-geographic phone numbers or you can port existing phone numbers so that you can benefit from our voice service.

Fulfills Your Communication Requirements

Liquid OneVoice calling can integrate into your existing onsite or hosted PBX, provide direct routing functionality with your Microsoft Teams solution or basic voice calling to enable employees to make and receive voice calls from any device.

Dependable Call Quality & Data Security

OneVoice Calling offers carrier grade voice calling through interconnects with all major fixed, mobile and international service providers backed with SLA’s

International Coverage

Our services span over six African countries, namely South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, where we offer voice calling (In country regulations apply).


Cost saving on voice calls to all major fixed and mobile providers across the country and globally to over 400 networks. Port your Geographic and Non Geographic numbers to Liquid and save on your voice calls.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is here to help you.

We understand how your enterprise needs may differ from others, so when you trust us with your connection and communication solutions, you get tailored services that drive down costs, increase efficiencies and make your employees more contactable and productive. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is here to help you.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking allows you to securely connect your onsite or hosted PBX to the Liquid voice network over your internet connect for voice calling. This will enable you to run your data and voice over a single connection. It is an efficient and affordable way to scale your business.

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OneVoice Basic - Teams Direct Routing

OneVoice Basic allows you connect your Microsoft Teams solution to the Liquid voice network to gain access to unified communications features provided by Microsoft Teams in conjunction with our voice calling rates and services. It’s a simple way for businesses to connect, collaborate and call.

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Voice Value Added Services

We offer value-added voice services such as call recording, telephone management solution, OneVoice for Operator Connect and Hosted Cloud PBX to name a few. This, in combination with our voice calling capabilities, helps increase efficiency so that your business is more effective. You get a distinct, fast network that is secure and reliable.

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SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a service offered by a communications service provider that uses the protocol to provision voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity between an on-site or hosted PBX and the PSTN or IP network.
Why is SIP trunking beneficial over the conventional ISDN PBX connection? It allows telephony devices to receive and send video, messaging, and voice within a singular network, allowing you to run your hosted or onsite PBX over an internet connection instead of a physical phone line. The OneVoice calling functionality integrates all hosted or onsite PBX via our world-class SIP capabilities, so you can easily run data and voice through one network.

Teams Business Voice “Direct Routing”

Teams Business Voice or as its often referred to as Teams Direct Routing combines Liquid Intelligent Technologies carrier grade voice calling with the power of Microsoft Teams to deliver a full unified communication experience backed by high quality carrier grade voice calls at competitive voice rates.
Teams Business Voice uses the same underlying infrastructure for direct routing ensuring customers enjoy a fully managed voice calling environment where Liquid manages the Session Border Controllers (SBC) and voice services.

Voice Value Added Services

Our voice is more than just that. We want to cater to all our client’s business communication needs, so they never need to worry. Moreover, we want to add extra value to our services so you can receive the full voice experience without having to pay extra. We offer several features such as call recording, telephone management solutions, hosted cloud PBX and OneVoice for Operator Connect to make your business processes more efficient for effective management and communication.


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