OneVoice PBX

Delivering efficiency to your workforce

One Voice Cloud PBX provides a secure and reliable office telephony PBX system through an internet connection, enabling end users to gain access to a range of PBX telephony features using IP phones, desktop and mobile apps on your smartphone or computer.

OneVoice for Cloud PBX provides you with all the telephony and collaboration needs for you to run your business successfully from a single integrated Unified Communications platform, that turns your legacy PBX telephony system into a cloud-based IP communications solution hosted in country in the LIT data centres. Cloud PBX delivers voice, video and data communications tools into a single logical queue that is accessible on your preferred device – enabling you to communicate on any devices, via any access medium from anywhere, the “Hybrid Worker”.

Opex Licence Model

No extra Capital costs, you just pay for licences based on a Opex monthly per user based model.

Cloud PBX Apps & Features

A full range of PBX featured bundled into four licence options

Competitive Call Rates

Local and international calls with per-second billing at competitive rates. Port in geographic & non-geographic numbers

IP Phones & Services

A range of certified IP phones are available with optional value-added services such as call recording

Why does your business need a cloud PBX?

The OneVoice Cloud PBX is a telephony and collaboration solution that is all about giving your employees the tools they need to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers, colleagues and key stakeholders through communicating, collaborating and sharing content using any devices over any access and anywhere at home or office seamlessly.

Cloud puts your PBX wherever you are; our PBX system has no physical location. It runs directly from our fully redundant data centres on our best-in-class fibre network – Your PBX follows you.

Cloud based, software driven; Cloud PBX solutions are software based, monitored and managed in real-time.

Scale as your grow; scale up as your business requirements change
Keep you contactable, the hybrid worker; our desktop and mobile apps make your contactable anytime, anywhere and on any device

Communicate, Collaborate and Connect through advance telephony, instant messaging, video and content sharing tools supported on our Cloud PBX

Customer self-service portal to enable basic telephony feature changes to the customers Cloud PBX environment

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is here to help you.

We understand how your enterprise needs may differ from others, so when you trust us with your connection and communication solutions, you get tailored services that drive down costs, increase efficiencies and make your employees more contactable and productive. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is here to help you.

OneVoice Basic - Teams Direct Routing

OneVoice Basic allows you connect your Microsoft Teams solution to the Liquid voice network to gain access to unified communications features provided by Microsoft Teams in conjunction with our voice calling rates and services. It’s a simple way for businesses to connect, collaborate and call.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking allows you to securely connect your onsite or hosted PBX to the Liquid voice network over your internet connect for voice calling. This will enable you to run your data and voice over a single connection. It is an efficient and affordable way to scale your business.

Voice Value Added Services

We offer value-added voice services such as call recording, telephone management solution, OneVoice for Operator Connect and Hosted Cloud PBX to name a few. This, in combination with our voice calling capabilities, helps increase efficiency so that your business is more effective. You get a distinct, fast network that is secure and reliable.


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