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Liquid C2’s direct partnership with Microsoft offers you the ability to buy services in your currency without worrying about the fluctuations in the American dollar.
Our physical centers in 8 countries across Africa allow you direct access to market experts who can guide you on the services best suited to your industry. In addition, Microsoft Exchange Online is a highly adaptive platform that helps you collaborate on critical documents.

99.9% guaranteed uptime so that you do not miss out on important emails

Comprehensive email security that comes with built-in protection from spam and malware along with a multi-factor authentication option

A mobile solution to keep your team connected regardless of the location or device so that they can keep up with the modern-day demands

No more IT costs, as updates take place without you ever knowing, so you always have the latest version installed

Ready to take control of the way your employees communicate?

Meet world-class standards of business collaboration with an easy to set up email solution. Microsoft Exchange Online offers:

Microsoft Exchange Online is perfect for businesses that need complete control over their collaborative environment. With an advanced, comprehensive, and world-renowned email service like this, you get all that you need.

Data Loss Prevention

Microsoft Exchange Online is a highly intelligent and intuitive email service. Ask the top data breach consultants, they will tell you how Microsoft Exchange Online’s capability to prevent data loss is a measure put in place so no one is able to send sensitive information to the wrong person accidentally. Our experts are constantly monitoring to ensure your data remains secure.

No Maintenance Costs

Microsoft has made it super easy for users with access to Exchange Online solutions to experience an increase in productivity. Due to automatic patching capabilities, you do not need to spend the extra time, money and effort to maintain the system. Also, you can integrate it with Outlook if you want to access it offline on a familiar email platform.

Secure Always

Mobile device policies are put in place to help in creating a list of approved mobile devices. You can also enforce a pin lock, and, in case a phone gets stolen or lost, remove confidential data from it. Cyber security threats are also always taken care with Microsoft Exchange Online’s advanced security features, filtering anti-spam and anti-malware that protects mailboxes.

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Communicate your heart out with our Microsoft Exchange Online plans

There are three primary email plans offered with Microsoft Exchange Online. Two are online email solutions. The third option includes other business essentials like unlimited storage space, data loss prevention, and hosted unified messaging.


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