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With smarter business models comes the increased need for more innovative solutions. Hybrid and remote workplaces and emerging technologies require your business to embrace them. The problem is not the lack of answers, but rather which one is right for you. Our experts take an in-depth look at your business needs, analyse your systems to identify vulnerabilities and provide you with the solutions that erase all issues in one go.

Instead of working with several providers, teams and specialists, rely on just one managed services provider from the start till the end to keep your systems organised. We can show you a clear and data-backed picture of how our services can help save you time, streamline workflows and improve collaboration within internal and external teams.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes from across industries. This experience enables us to determine exactly which solutions will work best for you. In addition, we understand the importance of an instant and secure network. Thus, we have the latest technologies on hand to develop a personalised strategy for you which details all the steps you need to take to overcome any weak areas. We also provide detailed workshops to recognise potential income streams, where to improve, and how to grow.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that offers several features, such as content delivery, compute power, database storage, and other functionalities that help businesses grow

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful cloud computing services out there that allow you to build, test, deploy and manage services and applications through Liquid Intelligent Technologies managed data centres.

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Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform can be scaled according to your business requirements. Connect, store and stay secured while our experts guide you on how you can make the most out of this service.

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Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity allows you to secure network connectivity instantly. We have partnered with AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services providers to help you securely connect to your data

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Liquid Site Builder

Liquid Site Builder has every feature you could ever need to personalise your website and make it an accurate representation of your business.

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud provider that offers considerably more services and features than other providers. AWS provides infrastructure technologies like databases, storage, compute, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, AI, analytics, and more.

Thus, AWS is one of the most cost-effective, fastest, and most straightforward providers to migrate existing apps to the cloud, building whatever you would like. This is where our team of experts helps you assess different cloud platforms that enable you to scale your business, financial considerations for cloud migration, your business functions and the challenges that they face, and much more.

Working with Liquid C2 helped sort out all of our data needs in a cost-effective and organised manner.

Microsoft Azure

When you want to upgrade your business, then Microsoft Azure is the way to go. As an agile and intelligent platform, Microsoft Azure is built to keep up with the increasing demands of a growing business. Its features elevate your public cloud experience by providing you real-time access to computing power, virtual machines, and developer tools.

Add cloud capabilities or expand your infrastructure as Liquid C2 allow you to scale as per your needs on a flexible payment model. This way, you only have to pay for the capabilities you use and can scale up or down as required.

Google Cloud

Liquid C2 offers you Google Cloud services to accelerate your digital transformation.

Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis using sophisticated technology to advise you on whether or not the Google Cloud will be a good fit for you. However, it may be safe to say that the Google Cloud does have capabilities to solve even the toughest business challenges to date.

Thus, no matter your requirements, you will be benefiting from it in some of the following ways:

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Cloud Connectivity

Cloud networking has become an absolute necessity since secure access to all your data at any time is imperative. Connect directly to the cloud in a faster, more intelligent, and more secure way using Cloud Connectivity. Our partnership with AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure gives you a supremely secure connection to your data in the cloud directly from your premises along with our consultation services.

Cloud Connectivity is powered through our high-speed fibre network, increasing efficiency, accelerating productivity, and lowering latency.

Cloud Connectivity allows you to work faster, move a lot of data while staying secure, and have a highly reliable and dedicated connection to your cloud data. Our experts help you bypass the public internet to get the safest link and no interference.

Liquid Site Builder

With Liquid Site Builder, you can create websites of any kind even if you do not have web design or coding skills.

No matter what your website development requirements are, they can easily be fulfilled with Liquid Site Builder’s unique capabilities and easy-to-use interface.

This ensures that you have all the components you need to get a secure and customised website.

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