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Liquid C2 offers management services for multi-cloud and hybrid environments such as Amazon Web Services so you can access, use, monitor, and regulate all your AWS and on-premises infrastructure and cloud services from a unified client platform.

No matter how extensive your needs may be, we address all your business requirements for your application’s migration to AWS. Our team can help you figure out:

Which cloud platforms provide the optimal benefits to reach your business goals?
How to assess if your planned or legacy application is feasible in the cloud?
What are your company’s financial considerations for migrating to the cloud?
What are some of the business functions challenges and changes with the cloud migration?
What impact does cloud adoption will have on compliance and security?

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Cloud Is Imperative

Organisations need to compete and operate at an unprecedented scale and speed. Our cloud scaling standpoint series demonstrates how mastering some essential elements can help you unlock greater agility, flexibility, and potential growth opportunities.

Migrate & Scale

Migrate your workloads to the cloud-based platform securely, rapidly, and with certainty by opting for the proper infrastructure according to your organisational needs.

Advantage Hyper Scalers

Invest in the known cloud providers and innovate to create optimal value for your business and drive revenue.

Run & Optimise

Upgrade your organisational agility and speed by restructuring applications, data, and architectures for the cloud.

Modernise, Innovate & Accelerate

Maximise the long-term value in the cloud by modernising your infrastructure, data, and applications architecture.

Grow & Advance

Cloud is more than simply cheaper IT. It’s also the primary enabler of business reinvention, bringing together everything needed to innovate.

Enjoy reliable and secure connectivity to the Amazon Web Services

We provide reliable and secure network connectivity between enterprise office locations or data centers and the AWS cloud. Call on us to increase bandwidth, minimise your network costs throughout, and create a seamless network experience that’s better than internet-dependent connections.

With our robust cloud connectivity services, you can connect to multiple cloud providers or a single cloud provider. Our services also facilitate cloud-to-cloud connectivity alternatives.

AWS Direct Connect

Liquid’s AWS Direct Connect service offers private and secure connectivity to the AWS cloud which improves network efficiency and provide a consistent experience. AWS Direct Connect cloud service is the shortest path to your AWS resources.

Optimise your hybrid cloud & AWS environment

AWS Well-Architected Reviews

Liquid C2’s AWS Well-Architected offering provides our customers with a consistent approach to reviewing their workloads against current AWS best practices and gives recommendations on how to remediate any issues identified in their workload architecture.

What LiquidCloud Brings To The Table?
Liquid C2 offers a complete spectrum of cloud solutions to help you recognise the value and benefits of your investment. However, the cloud is more than merely a technology. This is why our solutions incorporate the culture and workforce change required for lasting success.

Change Management And Cloud Strategy
Design a value-driven journey leveraging our comprehensive suite of cloud services, including business model strategies, change management and industry insights, business model strategies to accelerate performance, results, and ROI.

Cloud Migration
Utilise industrialised cloud services with patented automation and tools that expedite migration and alleviate risks.

Cloud Optimisation And Management
Manage cloud service providers and tools with automated AWS cloud monitoring, compliance, governance, and optimisation.

Cloud Automation And Engineering
Deliver customised cloud solutions leveraging cloud-native application development and modernisation.

Infrastructure Services
Use hybrid cloud or reinvent your workplace and network experience to maximise cloud value.

Cloud Security Professional
Protect your IT infrastructure with our robust cloud security monitoring tools and services.

Grow your enterprise with a robust cloud strategy from our AWS cloud service

AWS cloud computing infrastructure has a host of mission-critical benefits and functions that enable your organisation to achieve its long and short-term development goals.

Here at Liquid C2, we understand how successful AWS infrastructures can be. We have the proven skills and processes necessary to manage your core cloud infrastructure resources to bridge the gaps between operations and development teams.

By filling these gaps, we allow you to enjoy enhanced productivity, increased collaboration and accelerated progress.

Liquid C2 has achieved the Amazon Web Services Partner Network Certification Distinction.

Case Studies

Chartered Accountants Academy Zimbabwe improves customer digital experience with AWS Cloud

Chartered Accountants Academy is an educational institution founded with a goal to produce Chartered Accountants of the future capable of driving the Zimbabwean economy forward, using teaching methods suited in the 21st century. Chartered Accountants Academy operates with a purpose to make available academic, entrepreneurial, and best practice leadership in Chartered Accountancy and the finance professions, with technology being a key enabler.

Chartered Accountants Academy needed a low latency cloud platform for hosting its website in a secure and scalable manner. Chartered Accountants Academy had done their research and considered potential cloud platforms to deliver on their business objectives. Chartered Accountants Academy also needed the services of a trusted and experienced cloud service provider to design and deploy a suitable solution, and therefore approached Liquid C2.

Liquid Cloud and Cybersecurity took a consultative approach to understand Chartered Accountants Academy’s solution requirements. Based on insights gathered during the discovery phase, Liquid Cloud and Cybersecurity’ technical team then designed and deployed an appropriate solution which delivers the benefits of scalability and increased business agility for Chartered Accountants Academy. Some services that make up the designed solution include Amazon EC2, Data Transfer service and Amazon Route 53.

Following solution implementation, Chartered Accountants Academy realised significant improvements in website response time which helped to improve overall customer digital experience. The scalable nature of the AWS cloud also allows Chartered Accountants Academy to consume IT resources on demand, resulting in increased business agility. Chartered Accountants Academy was also able to trade CAPEX investments that would have been made towards hardware purchase for a pay-as-you-go OPEX model based on their usage of the AWS cloud services.

From Files to Cloud: Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa’s Cloud Storage Transformation

Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa is a five-star deluxe hospitality provider in Zanzibar Tanzania, and a proud member of the The Leading Hotels of the World.

Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa experienced significant challenges in managing and accessing their ever-growing volume of digital assets. Traditional storage systems resulted in inefficiencies, slow retrieval times, and limited scaling capabilities. Based on this, Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa engaged Liquid C2 team for a fit for purpose solution.

Implementing a robust cloud storage solution was identified as the optimal remedy. Leveraging AWS S3, Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa seamlessly migrated their data to a scalable and secure cloud environment. The transition included categorizing data for streamlined access, implementing version control, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Other AWS Services leveraged include AWS Control Tower, IAM, and AWS Organisations.

Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa leveraged Cloud Storage, ensuring instant data access, and fostering collaboration among hotel departments. Taking advantage of AWS S3’s scalability, Emerald accommodates growing data volume cost-effectively. Advanced security features also contribute to upholding data integrity, meeting stringent hospitality industry standards.

Implemented version control and organized data structures streamlined internal processes, reducing time spent on file management. Cloud storage provided robust disaster recovery, ensuring data resilience and business continuity. The pay-as-you-go model offered cost predictability, enabling efficient resource allocation. Emerald’s cloud strategy optimized operations, enhancing security, scalability, and overall data management efficiency.

Transaction Capital leverages AWS cloud to enhance digital services

Transaction Capital is a listed investment holding company, trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Transaction Capital prides itself as a catalyst of unconventional potential by investing in and operating high-potential businesses in markets with historically low levels of client service and trust. This approach enables Transaction Capital to take advantage of untapped opportunities for disruption, innovation and high returns.

Transaction Capital had initially deployed some workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which hosted some of its business applications and was making payments for its AWS consumption via a credit card. Transaction Capital needed a trusted cloud service provider to partner with in order to provide an alternative billing mechanism as well as modernization of its AWS workloads. Transaction Capital engaged with Liquid C2 – Cloud and Cybersecurity in this regard.

Firstly, to tackle the billing challenge, Liquid C2 swiftly provided Transaction Capital with a billing mechanism that now allows Transaction Capital to receive a monthly invoice for its AWS consumption.

Post addressing the billing challenge, Liquid C2’s technical team then provided Transaction Capital with professional services to help modernise its existing architecture in alignment with recommended AWS best practices. This was done with a view to address latency challenges and ensure high availability of its workloads.

Transaction Capital successfully moved away from credit card billing to invoice-based billing from Liquid C2 for its AWS consumption. This also enables the business to take advantage of credit terms offered by Liquid C2.
By modernising its AWS architecture, significant improvements in latency were realised, enabling better digital experience for Transaction Capital’s end customers.

Fin adopts AWS Cloud to accelerate its delivery of simple, convenient and appropriate financial services in Africa

Fin is a fintech provider with operations in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania, dedicated to improving lives by providing tailored financial solutions. Fin’s mission revolves around delivering simplicity, convenience, and appropriateness in its offerings. Fin aims to foster a financial ecosystem that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives seamlessly through accessible and innovative financial solutions.

Fin had just migrated its on-premises workloads to the AWS cloud and needed the services of a trusted AWS Partner to optimize its cloud cost and conduct an assessment of its cloud workloads to ensure compliance with recommended best practices, as well as provide local currency billing.

Liquid C2 alongside Fin team, unpacked Fin business requirements in relation to cloud cost optimization in detail. After the initial discovery engagements, Liquid C2 proposed its Well-Architected assessment, to gain a holistic view of Fin’s cloud environment across multiple perspectives of the AWS Well Architected Framework – operational excellence, cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency and sustainability.

Liquid C2 identified opportunities for workload right sizing and underutilized savings plans, resulting in 14.0% month on month cost savings for Fin.

Based on the findings from the assessment conducted, Liquid C2 also collaborated with the Fin team on a robust remediation plan, leveraging Liquid C2’s professional services team to further optimise their cloud cost and accelerate its mission to innovatively deliver secure and reliable payments to Africa.


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