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Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Transforming Large Enterprises
Microsoft 365 Enterprise helps large organisations increase productivity, security, and creativity with a cost-efficient solution. It empowers and connects every team member – from the board room to the factory floor.

Your company thrives when the employees and teams are motivated, engaged, and working collectively to achieve a common goal. Unfortunately, 86% of executives and employees blame poor collaboration and communication for workplace failures.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is an intelligent, comprehensive solution exclusively designed for large companies. It combines cloud-based and local applications to provide state-of-the-art productivity solutions, including the latest Office apps, Office 365 ProPlus, and a complete suite of digital services for file storage, emails, meetings, and remote collaboration.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Reinforce Engagement

Facilitates robust cross-functional engagement with Yammer, Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Teams.

Facilitate collaboration

Creates a central location for chat, content development and meetings with Microsoft Teams.

Powered by Data

Gathers and mobilizes data to enable you to make better decisions with MyAnalytics and Work Analytics.

Anywhere, anytime

Supporting file management across multiple locations with 1TB OneDrive storage

Unbeatable security across devices and locations

Driven by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph featuring Windows 10 Enterprise – the most secure and productive version of Windows, Microsoft 365 Enterprise proactively delivers world-class access and data protection to safeguard customer and employee information.

The cutting-edge security features of Microsoft 365 Enterprise include extensive device deployment and app management. While specifically designed for large organizations, SMEs can also leverage Microsoft 365 Enterprise when they need the most advanced product and security capabilities.

Safeguard productivity gains

Productivity is fundamental to Microsoft’s strategy. That’s why Microsoft 365 Enterprise aims to transform modern workplaces into virtual spaces that are secure yet accessible and facilitate your processes every step of the way. 

In addition, it simplifies collaboration in the cloud-enabled world, bringing information and people together in a flexible way to drive efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Plans for Enterprises

Microsoft 365 E5 and E3 provide Office applications and services that enhance everyday work. This is made possible through robust features such as Power BI, dial-in audio conferencing, email threat protection, and other great attributes.

So, go on and select a Microsoft 365 plan that delivers intelligent and comprehensive solutions that are just right for your business. Take advantage of Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Office 365, empowering your teams to work collaboratively and creatively while ensuring security.

Microsoft 365 E3
This offers essential features and products to drive innovation and improve productivity. Microsoft 365 E3 includes the following:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft 365 E5
This all-inclusive plan offers cutting-edge security with voice, Microsoft Defender, and data analysis tools. Microsoft 365 E5 also includes the following:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise (E5)
  • Office 365 Enterprise (E5)
  • Enterprise Mobility Security (E5)

Built for Team Work

Empower your teams to work collaboratively and effortlessly across different locations with Microsoft 365 Enterprise applications. Support people by providing the tools to enable collaboration in real time, easily communicate with colleagues, and securely share files.

Work from Anywhere

Work seamlessly on your Android, Windows or iOS devices irrespective of your location. Send emails and edit, view and share documents from your phone and tablet.

Leverage the Power of AI

Harness the power of AI-powered tools and get done more with intelligent cloud solutions. Microsoft 365 Apps enterprise allows you to improve writing in Outlook and Word, find valuable insights in Excel, and draft presentations in PowerPoint.

Ensure Data Protection

Protect your identities and information, detect external and internal threats earlier, and make sure third party applications are attuned with Microsoft 365 Applications for enterprise.

Get more from your subscription

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Microsoft 365 Business

Empower your teams to work more securely and competently with integrated productivity applications built for modern workplaces and small businesses.

This solution is specifically designed to give small businesses with around 300 people a significant competitive advantage. It offers a customised suite of innovative productivity applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, business-class collaboration with Teams, Yammer, Outlook, and cloud storage with SharePoint and One Drive.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business

Continual Updates

Makes sure teams have the updated versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

Advanced Scheduling

Connect with team members and customers leveraging Exchange and Outlook.

Improved Collaboration

Keep all your team members on the same page with online meetings, group chat and Microsoft Teams.

Anywhere, anytime

Supporting file management across multiple locations with 1TB OneDrive storage

Robust security that enables growth for small businesses

Microsoft 365 for small and medium-sized businesses mobilises enterprise-grade security to safeguard assets without restricting productivity or flexibility.

Microsoft 365 for SMBs enables simple security and data protection that extends to multiple business devices, with those brought in by team members. In addition, office applications can be installed, and you can lock down the devices if they are stolen or lost.

How can small businesses benefit from Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 Business offers up-to-date premier Office applications with reliable cloud services, continually latest security, and sophisticated device management. Moreover, it puts all your business’s necessary IT resources for the future, enabling you to:

Boost Productivity While Working Remotely
Enable your teams to work more cohesively and get done more by staying in touch with customers, working onsite or remotely.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Keep your team members connected with the necessary tools and resources that help enhance and support communication channels.

Secure Your Business
Protect all your business information with a cloud-powered platform that delivers in-built security features.

Manage Your IT Effortlessly
Access your admin centre to set IT policies, oversee all your services, and more.

When it comes to ensuring your employees' efficiency and productivity, Microsoft 365 is the future. It helps you manage data, devices, and users in one place.

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