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Accelerate your deployment process

Execute a swift deployment with Liquid C2's methodological service. We can help you stay on schedule!

Deployment is the most crucial stage in launching any technology, as it determines the speed at which the program can adapt to the required changes. This is why Liquid Intelligent Technologies has a team of experienced professionals to help your business execute a streamlined deployment process. In addition, we offer cost-effective and transparent solutions, thus providing you with regular status updates. With us, you can rest assured of implementing effortless deployment for your business.

Deployment across various platforms necessitate immense attention to detail. Our diligent teams examine every element to certify a smooth and error-free process. We make sure that there are no delays or setbacks that hinder your business operations. Moreover, our teams stay in touch with you every step of the way so that you can stay informed at all stages of the process.

Moreover, Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ command centre continuously carries out quality assessment procedures throughout the deployment process. As a result, our teams can eliminate issues that arise at any stage. Working in a fast-paced industry, our experts are proficient in quick thinking and problem-solving. These attributes allow us to deliver a superior deployment solution.

Experienced Team

We have hand-picked a team of experienced engineers and approved partners to deploy your technology. Collaborate with our experts to get superior results.

Insightful Approach

Liquid Intelligent Technologies makes use of reference architectures and implements best practices during the planning and deployment process.

Effortless Journey

We guarantee a smooth transition using intelligent approaches, error-free data migration, and superior performance reliability.


Our firm has limited resources, which makes in-house deployment a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, with the help of Liquid C2, we were able to get the rollout done in a short amount of time. They handled everything professionally and made sure that our business operations were not disrupted.

Azure back-up

Your business’ data is cardinal to your operations. With Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ Azure backup, your business can use an economical and secure data protection solution. In addition, we provide an expedient recovery solution for adequate offsite data storage. With our service, you can benefit from short and long-term backups with a single-click approach! 

Our teams consider every element to safeguard your company’s intellectual property from any damage. We preserve duplicates of your company’s data and store it at varying locations. This way, all your information remains secure and readily available to all authorised personnel.

Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Windows VDI can transform the way your business operates. With our Windows VDI service, your business can revolutionise its remote and virtual operations. Azure Windows VDI utilises Azure and cloud technology to empower authorised employees to access systems and applications at any given time, from any location. 

The skilled teams at Liquid Intelligent Technologies provide a swift and economical Windows Virtual Desktop set up to help your business progressively optimise its operations! In addition to taking care of the installation processes, our experts heighten up the security by integrating a multi-factor authentication procedure.

SharePoint migration

SharePoint migration liberates your business from the pressure of high-cost and time-consuming operations. It becomes easier to execute upgrades and backups in a matter of few minutes.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies partners with your business to extend a smooth transition to SharePoint. Our experts apply an agile approach to streamline the arduous migration process.

Azure migration

Call on us to enhance your business model and introduce an optimised IT infrastructure to your organization. Azure migration can help your business cut costs, increase flexibility and scalability, improve security and compliance, strengthen data protection and backup creation, as well as offer a streamlined management and monitoring system.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers a simplified migration solution that helps your business achieve its digital objectives. Our experts take the time to understand your unique requirements to create a tailored plan that suits your individual needs. Furthermore, we prepare the right environment to facilitate a smooth migration and comprehensively monitor the entire process.

Migration bundle

Gone are the days of expensive individual workload licensing. Migrate your workloads with a single solution by leveraging our powerful migration engine to move mailboxes, documents such as OneDrive, Google drive and Dropbox and personal archives all in a single per user license. It is valid for a period of 12 months and has no data limit. The license also includes Outlook configuration.


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