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Liquid Intelligent Networks, in collaboration with Call Cabinet, provides you with a cloud based compliant call recording service that records agents audio and screen interactions across any device, whilst providing compliance and optional quality assurance tools and reporting to suite your business requirements.

Delivering an Effective And Efficient Call Recording Service from the Cloud

We are entering a world where remote work is gaining traction. To manage and monitor your employees voice calling you need a call recording tool that can help. With OneVoice for Call recording you can effortlessly integrate voice with your existing digital channels, ensuring compliance and deriving voice analytics. OneVoice Call Recording service keeps track of both incoming and outgoing phone calls in its system.

If voice and screen call recording, quality assurance, voice analytics*, AI* and compliance important to your business Then our call recording services will meet these needs and eliminate the costs and burden of traditional on-site hardware systems as all the functionality is hosted in the cloud through a customer friendly, self-administered portal. * AI Voice Analytics is currently only offered with Microsoft Teams Policy Based Recording

Quality Assurance

With the Quality Assurance tool, a user can create evaluation forms, assess recordings, escalate results, and have access to generating over 35 different preloaded reports. The quality assurance toolset allows one to identify and resolve disputes, expertly train staff, maintain compliance and optimise the customer experience.

Voice Analytics

Gather strategic insight into your customers experience an agent interaction through our sophisticated AI Analytics tool. Analyse agent emotion and sentiment, search efficiency with keywords and key phrases.

Artificial Intelligence

Robust natural language processing which provides best of breed speech analytics. Our AI component understand and organises your unstructured call recordings into actionable data.


As the remote workforce grows, compliance issues are potentially on the rise. OneVoice call recording your Microsoft Teams and standard PBX call recordings are secured. Our solution supports global regulation compliance, GDPR, PIC, SOX, FICA, POPI, FAIS to name a few.

Automatic Capture

The Call Recording solution securely captures and records all Microsoft Teams audio (inbound and outbound) that is from your Voice services hosted by Liquid.

Why does your business need OneVoice Call Recording?

Your business may need to record calls for staff training, dispute resolution, compliance or for security reasons, OneVoice call recording solution provides a completely flexible, scalable and affordable call recording solution hosted in the cloud.This solution seamlessly integrates with any telephony systems and offers policy based recording for Microsoft Teams solutions.

Call recording securely captures and stores all your voice calls on our hosted platform. With OneVoice for call recording, call records are easily accessible by a company appointed administrator through a security admin portal and are captured in real-time and stored in the portal for current and future access. You can also access call recordings which are available for playback, download, and with an advanced user license can be compliantly shared to any internal or external email address that is logged on the calls activity audit trail.

Why you should choose Liquid Intelligent Technologies for OneVoice Call Recording?

International Coverage
Our services span over the African continent, namely South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, where we offer call recording functionality.

Remote and Hybrid Work Environments
Your employees can work from home, at the office or at a remote workplace and we can still record their call.

24/7 Worldwide Support
We offer complete technical support and proactive monitoring.

All You Need In One Network
We are a single network that offers more reliability, better security, and faster speeds than any other network.

Cost-Effective Solutions & Simple Billing Procedure
You require no extra capital costs, you just pay for licenses that you enable; per user per month.


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