How Can Employee Productivity Be Improved Through Microsoft 365?


Profit and productivity go hand in hand. Output pitfalls can affect a company’s growth while putting a financial strain on a company. Therefore, enhancing employee productivity is a fundamental part of any organization’s productivity review.

As a result, employers have to ask themselves some critical questions. For example, are employees working productively as per their capabilities or not? And if they aren’t, why?

Fortunately, the modern workplace offers some cutting-edge solutions for productivity pitfalls. For starters, Microsoft 365 allows your employees to minimize distractions and eliminate unnecessary meetings while creating to-do lists.

There’s no doubt that entrepreneurs go to great lengths to enhance business productivity. That makes it all the more important to invest in reliable tools that enable smarter and faster work. Microsoft 365 offers a range of applications exclusively designed to do just that.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a group of productivity tools for businesses from Microsoft. You can purchase a subscription-based plan from Microsoft that contains tools such as Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows 10, Excel, Office 365, and PowerPoint.

These tools are crucial for modern businesses as it can be challenging for employees to complete their work till they have access to such robust applications.

Microsoft consolidated all its applications and tools in a unified suite that is Office 365. It is an integrated platform bringing together world-class security, device management, and productivity tools. In addition, it includes a holistic set of collaboration and business productivity tools and the Microsoft Suite including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and more to allow organizations to accomplish more.

All in all, Microsoft 365 helps you streamline your IT management, empower your team, and safeguard your business with a purpose-built, unified solution for your business.  In addition, you can achieve more together by increasing employee productivity. 

Exchange Online

This tool can make it easier to move your email server to the Cloud for a minimal monthly subscription fee to host your emails.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing and collaboration tool with various features. You can leverage these features such as voice, video calls, and persistent chat to communicate with your employees. This, in turn, helps you boost communication and workflow among team members.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is another cloud storage and collaboration tool for enterprises. It includes storage in the Cloud combined with file sharing, co-authoring, and data protection capabilities.

Office Proplus

This includes all the basic Office desktop applications. In addition, you will have access to MS Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

EM+S or Enterprise Mobility + Security is another tool that provides more protection to your company data. This has features such as identity management and MDM that help you ensure data safety. Also, you have access to Windows tools and operating systems like Yammer and Planner.

How Can You Improve Employee Productivity With Microsoft 365?

An organization’s success is directly connected to its overall productivity, especially in this fast-paced world. Employees’ productivity can have a considerable impact on your business’s financial condition. Fortunately, there is a way to increase the in-office productivity to feel genuinely accomplished in your business goals, all thanks to Microsoft 365.

Still wondering how your company can leverage technology to boost employee productivity in your company?

Here are some ways Microsoft 365 can help:

Scalable And Flexible Solution

Today, various organizations run their business operations around-the-clock 24/7. Moreover, employees looking for a flexible workplace is just an upward trajectory. Therefore, operating and creating a modern workplace has become a necessity.

A modern workplace eliminates the concept of working from on-premises, localized environments. As an alternative, it enables the employees to enjoy flexibility by working from anywhere they please.

And Microsoft 365 allows your employees to fulfill your work commitments without confining them to conventional office spaces.

When it comes to Microsoft 365, it’s at the forefront to make this concept a reality for companies with its features and functionalities. This bundle enables employees to opt for them using their own devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) while ensuring the data is secure and encrypted.

By implementing Microsoft 365, your company can share the entire IT infrastructure with all your employees in an agile and secure way on the Cloud. Microsoft Office 365’s applications go anywhere the employees go. There are no time or usage restrictions with these tools, creating an all-time mobile workforce.

Last but not least, Microsoft 365 provides round-the-clock technical support. As a result, your employees aren’t left stranded and have adequate guidance that they require and when they need it.

Foster Successful Employee Collaboration

In today’s ever-evolving work environments, many employees spend a significant chunk of their time interacting and connecting in team collaborations. And in fact, many emerging studies suggest that more workers are spending around 80% of their time teaming up with their peers.

While collaboration increases employee engagement and productivity and brings new visions and ideas to the table, Microsoft 365 understands this in a fast-paced workplace of varying shifts and remote working structures. Furthermore, it is an integrated tool to bring teams together via the internet. Therefore, it is critical to create and foster seamless employee collaboration.

For instance, Microsoft Teams is a best-in-class tool of choice for companies who want to provide a secure, collaborative, and cloud-based platform to their employees.

With Microsoft Teams, your workers and teams can meet virtually in a collective workspace. They can easily exchange ideas, files, collaborate or chat.

Furthermore, it also provides them the option to tailor the platform to their specific needs and import their preferred third-party apps or Microsoft tools. As a result, even small and medium-sized businesses can also advantage from Microsoft 365, reaping the employee productivity benefits.

Employee turnover can be costly as well as it can also significantly impact your organization’s productivity levels. However, technology can help you mitigate some of those costs associated with employee turnover.

Microsoft 365 is a renowned business tool that offers ever-popular apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. These tools can work in assimilation, helping your employees work more smartly and efficiently.

Also, this streamlines various tasks for your employees by helping them accomplish them in one place and minimizing the newcomers’ training period.

Apart from that, you also get extra tools like SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, and more that help employees increase their productivity and, in turn, business.

Improved Document Management

Often, it is pretty tricky for employees to find the information and documents that they need. Therefore, poor document management leads to hindrance in employees as well as the organization’s productivity.

A considerable part of any organizational activity relies on the smooth creation, distribution, application, and storage of information. Yet, while most businesses aim to make knowledge, data-driven, and informed decisions, they overlook the way in which their company documentation and data is stored as it directly impacts their ability to do this effectively.

For instance, SharePoint is yet another great app by Microsoft 365 that can help you improve your employees’ productivity and performance in the modern workplace. This application is fundamental in providing a collaborative medium to your workers, from storage systems to document management.

You can also create white papers, guides, work documents, etc., and save them in secure SharePoint repositories.  Then, all employees can interact, engage and access the shared data on those repositories. As a result, simplifying the creation, storage, and management of an organization’s data in one place is critical to productivity and success.

Along with restoring documents and storing documentation, you can track all the details with the versioning document management of SharePoint. You have access to the history of all changes like the time, date, and the specific person who made the modifications. Those with authorized permissions can delete, view, and restore documents’ versions if they need it.

Reductions In Downtime

Downtime can adversely impact your business and its bottom line. Earlier, renovations, power outages, and other disruptions would hinder people from working for extended hours. Deploying Microsoft 365 can help your employees as everything is accessible in the Cloud and on multiple devices. This means that your workers will always have access to their files, document, etc.

Moreover, the platform doesn’t require any special software licensing, trained engineers, or physical installation. Also, there are no required monthly updates or maintenances. This eradicates the downtime typically associated with those functions and helps your business operate smoothly.

Enterprise-Level Security

With the growing number of threats every day, cybersecurity is a significant concern for many organizations.

Microsoft 365 offers in-built features to safeguard your information and data from any external threats – at various levels and in many ways to counter such security threats.

Microsoft 365’s physical servers are highly secured, and their locations aren’t revealed to the public. It also gives you the option to wipe off all your device data in case you lose that specific device. However, you can still access it on other devices.

All the features in Microsoft 365 make sure that users can concentrate on their work without fretting about the security and safety of their data and information on the Microsoft 365 server.

Wrapping Up

Explained above are just some of the many efficiency and productivity benefits of Microsoft 365 for your employees. As a result, you can optimize your employees’ experience and boost their productivity simultaneously.

Liquid C2 offers customer-centric and dependable solutions to help you grow with precision. So, if you are planning to move your company to Microsoft 365? Liquid C2 can help you make the process easier for you.

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