Case Study: Si-Ware Partners with Liquid C2 on successful journey to ISO 27001 certification

Si-Wave Case study

The Challenge: Elevating Information Security with ISO 27001 Certification
Responding to increased demand from enterprise clients for robust information security assurance, Si-Ware pursued ISO 27001 certification to reinforce their commitment to stringent security measures and data protection. This situation necessitated the engagement of a trusted advisor who could identify cyber security gaps and create a detailed plan for compliance and remedies, ensuring their path to certification was well-defined.

The Service: ISO 27001 Compliance Readiness Assessment and Consulting
Si-Ware engaged Liquid C2 for an ISO 27001 Compliance Readiness Assessment and Consulting service to save the business time and money by identifying deficiencies in Si-Ware’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) and implement a remediation process before certification audits and to prepare them to achieve certification goals.

The Results: Transformative Improvements in Cybersecurity Posture
Si-Ware witnessed significant improvements in their IT environment, achieving a tailored ISMS, a well-defined security roadmap, enhanced security controls, improved visibility, and ultimately, ISO 27001 certification. This success reinforces Si-Ware’s commitment to information security but also elevates client satisfaction and trust.

“Si-Ware’s partnership with Liquid C2 enabled us to achieve these results efficiently and effectively. Liquid C2’s support ensured that Si-Ware was well-prepared for ISO 27001 certification, reinforcing our commitment to information security and customer trust.” Tamer ElSherif, Director of Information Technology at Si-Ware 

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