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Visualise Your Cloud Deployment Strategy With Liquid C2

If you are not convinced about the value of the Cloud, then we will articulate it to you through customised workshops.

Digital transformation is a massive step for businesses, small or big. However, some companies may feel sceptical about the benefits of the Cloud and whether it is worth the cost of deployment. Thus, to help you fully understand the value of the Cloud for your organisation, we have devised comprehensive workshops for every crucial aspect related to the Cloud.  Moreover, we will be there to answer any specific questions you have regarding cloud deployment planning for your organisation.

Our goal is to help you utilise the Cloud to enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaborative efforts. To do that, we need to explore all possible value-adding prospects and the vulnerabilities of the Cloud and how to work on them. For example, proper security measures need to be taken to create an agile work environment during these unpredictable times. For those purposes, we have carefully developed the Secure Work from Anywhere and Security and Sentinel Workshops.

Furthermore, suppose you want to create a seamless hybrid or remote working environment. In that case, we also have the Endpoint Management Workshop to help manage and protect different users, apps, and devices.

Furthermore, our Identity and Compliance workshops cover all the bases pertinent to a robust cyber security setup. We also focus on how viable Microsoft solutions, particularly Teams, are for your business. Finally, you will be given an in-depth look into how you can utilise meetings and meeting rooms to make audio conferencing and meetings simpler to conduct online.


Learn how to optimise cloud security through our security workshops so you can have a worry-free cloud deployment and adoption.


Securing the identity of users is integral when fashioning a complex IT system filled with identities, applications, devices, and lots of data.


Compliance solutions are integral to reducing data risk, and our Compliance Workshop can help you identify which solutions can work well for you.

Apps & Solutions

Our workshops will help you plan out how to build on and deploy your telephony solution to set up a future-proof and productive business.

We were just about ready to deploy a basic cloud strategy that we didn't research when we came across Liquid Intelligent Technologies. I am so glad that we decided to partake in their workshops because otherwise, we wouldn't have eliminated risks and played on the strengths of the Cloud.

Security workshop

Cybersecurity is the basis on which your whole Cloud stands. Therefore, understanding your security posture is the first step to planning your cloud deployment strategy. Our Security and Sentinel Workshop helps identify vulnerabilities within your system. Moreover, it also aids in the development of a plan to deal with cyber threats that may inundate your organisation.

Our Secure Work From Anywhere Workshop empowers your employees to be productive no matter where they are and what device they use. Finally, our Endpoint Management Workshop further improves security, especially if you have a Bring Your Device policy in place. Essentially, all of these workshops are specifically designed to help you create a cohesive, effortless, and highly secure working environment.

Identity workshop

The starting point of a cloud cybersecurity plan focuses on Identity. This refers to accurately and quickly identifying users authorised to access specific applications and data.

Our Identity workshop provides you with the essential tools needed to protect the identities of authorised users so file access and authentication credentials can be managed. Moreover, this will not hinder collaboration, as they will still have the freedom to collaborate with different teams.


In recent years, data management has revolved around emails and documents. However, now that advanced digital technology is being used to deal with the sudden shift to remote and hybrid working, the shared and stored information expands tenfold. Unfortunately, most of this new data remain unused or becomes unusable after it is created and contains information that imposes compliance risks.

The Compliance workshop by Liquid Intelligent Technologies will help you identify your compliance objectives and the solutions you need to adopt to reduce data risk. Moreover, you will get the insights needed to create a better data protection plan and take control of your valuable business data.

Apps & Solutions

Teamwork makes the dream work. And to get better results from your efforts, it is essential to automate the business processes that you can. As Microsoft Teams is the pivotal product for efficient teamwork, our Team Apps and Solutions workshop will help you identify how to leverage the Teams platform to improve workplace productivity.

Additionally, our workshop is meant to help you increase efficiency and improve collaboration by automating key business processes and improving them through Teams’ phone system and voice solution capabilities. Teams calling has features businesses can utilise to deliver collaborative and seamless experiences for customers, employees, and business partners.

Teams Business Voice

Discover the potential of Teams Business Voice as an enterprise telephony solution

More than ever before, businesses are in dire need of phone system capabilities that combine teamwork with unified communication.

We can help you build an actionable plan to help you quickly deploy Teams Calling within your organisation.

Our Calling-Teams Business Voice Workshop is meant to help you evaluate your existing PBX and telephony systems and improve them through Teams’ phone system and voice solution capabilities.

  • Workload and Environmental Analysis
  • Showcase the end-to-end Teams Calling experience
  • Help you understand how to create a collaborative environment
  • Actionable and customised recommendations for Teams Calling adoption

Secure Work from Anywhere

Liquid C2 is determined to utilise the power of the Cloud to empower you to work securely and remain productive no matter where you are. Collaboration and teamwork are essential when building resilience within your employees.

We can show you how Microsoft 365 can allow you to help your workforce stay secure without compromising productivity.

Our secure work from anywhere workshop is two days long but allows you to learn all you need to know to deploy practical work scenarios so employees can stay connected securely.

  • Learn about connecting teams working onsite and remotely
  • Learn about how to simplify workflows using apps effectively
  • Learn about the importance of connecting people
  • Secure and manage all work devices

Meetings & Meeting Rooms

To be an organisation that stands out, you need to transform how audio conferences and meetings occur. The way modern-day businesses work has undeniably evolved, which means meeting needs have too, especially since employees are increasingly working remotely.

Thus, we bring to you the solution that Microsoft Teams brings to enhance the meeting experience. It offers a unique end-to-end experience that revives the lost human element in today’s meetings. Our Teams Meetings & Meetings rooms workshop shows you how Teams can transform the way you conduct crucial business meetings.

An evaluation of your current meetings and meeting rooms capabilities.

  • “Art of the possible” immersion experiences to showcase Microsoft Teams as your meetings and rooms solution
  • Direction on how to transform meetings and audio conferencing across your organisation
  • A detailed evaluation of your current meeting room capabilities
  • A demonstration of the immersive experience Microsoft Teams allows
  • A personalised report that gives you actionable recommendations

Endpoint Management

As an up-and-coming modern enterprise, you need to create channels that allow your employees to be productive no matter how they choose to work. Since the coronavirus pandemic, almost all businesses have allowed their workforce to use personal devices while working remotely or even at work.

However, since these changes need to be established so that productivity, efficiency, and comfort are not compromised, you must ensure that these devices are secure. After all, crucial internal communications and data should not be easily accessible for cyber attackers. Thus, our endpoint management workshop was developed so you can see the value of Microsoft 365 and how easily you can manage your employees’ apps, identities, no matter when, where, or from which device they choose to work.

  • Use Microsoft Endpoint Management to better your Secure Score
  • Learn about the management policies you can create for better protection
  • Get valuable insights regarding users’ IT policy compliance and endpoints
  • Determine how users can gain access to work apps on their devices
  • Learn how to secure user identities with conditional access and multi-factor authorisation


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