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Over the last decade, especially since remote working has become a real thing, organisations have developed their workplace policies to empower employees and boost productivity. Research shows that employees who have more confidence in their skills and feel empowered perform 202% better than their competitors. 

In addition, they engage more at the workplace, take the initiative and stay longer within the company.

The right productivity tools can help you ensure that consistency is maintained throughout all projects. As a result, employees feel like they have the necessary tools and resources to do the work they are supposed to.

It is also essential that every team member has a transparent view of the responsibilities assigned to them. Then, your team can really power through and boost their productivity when you give them all that they need to succeed.

Our productivity and communication tools can make it possible for your people to stay connected to each other and your offices no matter where in the world they are. We make this happen using an easy-to-use platform that offers simple functionality to take your business to the next level. With the opportunity to communicate with your team members from anywhere, at any time, we can help everyone stay updated on tasks that require collaboration and empower them to do their best.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based stack of productivity tools that offers businesses a holistic approach to seamless communication and collaboration. This is all you need to give your people the tools and technologies that make their lives more efficient.

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OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing is the right solution to bring telephony to your Microsoft Teams. OneVoice is the simplest way to enable calling by quickly enabling user numbers and calling plans with unlimited local calling.

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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers real-time connectivity to ensure that your staff and stakeholders are never too far away from tasks that matter to you. As a result, they can respond to all their customers’ queries on time, every time.

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Exchange Online

Your business email is the primary mode of formal communication with all your employees and customers. It offers direct social contact and gives your business a professional voice. In addition, Microsoft Exchange Online provides a reliable way for all your team members to stay connected.

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Working with Microsoft 365 has made it possible for me to upscale my business without increasing my costs

Microsoft 365

Simplify your business with collaboration solutions that offer maximum employee productivity. Our application stack allows teams to stay connected for the project’s entirety, ensuring that no one misses out on anything. Additionally, you can access more tools to boost teams’ productivity by subscribing to a small monthly fee.

With Microsoft 365 For Enterprise, you no longer require the expertise of an IT team since it gives all valuable insights into every team’s productivity levels. It has built-in security features that can protect sensitive data without compromising business growth.

Create an efficient, easy, and seamless working environment with Microsoft 365 for Enterprise and improve your team performance at an exponential rate.

  • Identity and Access Management Solution
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Data Recovery Software
  • Email and Calendar for corporate use

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for Teams Direct Routing

Let’s talk OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing, powered by Liquid C2. 

Now more than ever, we require a seamless way to stay connected with customers and colleagues. If your business has invested in Microsoft 365, and you’re looking to bring telephony to Microsoft Teams, OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing is the right solution for your business! With OneVoice, powered by Liquid C2 your customers and colleagues are simply a call away.

OneVoice is the simplest way to enable calling by quickly enabling user numbers and calling plans directly within Microsoft’s Teams Admin Portal, using Liquid’s high quality voice network.

Teams Business Voice

Simplify your business with the leading productivity and communication solution.

Communication is the lifeblood of any organisation. Without it, you cannot align ideas, increase engagement, and forge productive relationships. Teams Business Voice leverages the powerful Teams platform, Liquid Intelligent Technologies carrier grade network, and traditional voice calling to enhance your enterprise communication function. It allows you to work from anywhere, use any device, and communicate seamlessly, improving your productivity and collaboration.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of applications that caters to the changing trends of business and provides all-in-one software solutions. As a result, they don’t have to pick and choose only a few applications from the stack.

Businesses have to rapidly change to market trends and make decisions to fulfil their business objectives and satisfy their customers. Microsoft 365 equips team managers and leaders to make smart decisions based on guided predictive analysis and suggestions with built-in analytics and AI functions.

The best thing is that the application stack has almost every type of solution that a business might need. So, instead of changing your business methodology to fit your application stack, make your applications adapt to your business environment and facilitate your staff to do their work to the best of their abilities.

With a flawless end-to-end experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most comprehensively integrated application stacks of its kind.

Exchange Online

The digital era of technology requires all businesses to have a professional business email that can be monitored at all times. A business email is used for effortless communication with employees, customers, and stakeholders. It records all communications held across different departments and optimizes workflow by organizing all tasks so employees won’t have to worry about missing out.

With Microsoft Exchange, you can take your online communication one step ahead and attach media to your emails, making it perfect for business communication.

And no need to worry about heavy down payments for email services. Microsoft Business Email provides a support system that helps you identify issues without the need for expensive maintenance and IT specialists.

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