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Build and run hybrid workloads across data centres, edge locations, remote offices, and the cloud. 

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Optimise your operations through LEPOD's local, connected, compliant cloud

Are you looking for a cloud solution that meets your local data regulatory requirements and enables the efficient running of latency-sensitive business applications? 

With LEPOD, the Liquid Edge Platform-On-Demand, you get local compliance and benefit from 24/7 next-business-day onsite support. We understand the importance of providing consistent services across the continent, and that is why our solution is designed to deliver reliable and predictable performance.

Our reference architecture with Azure Stack allows for easy replication and deployment in multiple remote locations throughout Africa. Each installation comes with fully populated racks, ensuring the efficient setup of data centres for our customers. 

With LEPOD, extend your Azure services and capabilities to your environment of choice—from the datacentre to edge locations and remote offices. This reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increases return on investment (ROI), providing a highly predictable financial model for your business.

Discover LEPOD's Wide Reach Across Multiple African Nations

From Zambia to Tanzania and numerous countries in between, businesses across these regions now have access to LEPOD’s cloud solutions that ensure compliance with local data sovereignty and regulations. 

Availability may vary, so reach out to us for more information on availability in your area. 

Why Choose Liquid Edge Platform-On-Demand?

Local, Connected, Certified, Hybrid

LEPOD brings Microsoft-powered cloud technology to a local data centre, offering local, compliant cloud services interconnected to the public cloud. It is the perfect solution for organisations that need to meet local regulations while taking advantage of cloud benefits.

Build and Run Hybrid Apps

With LEPOD, you can seamlessly build and run hybrid apps across data centres, edge locations, remote offices, and the cloud. It provides the flexibility and scalability you need to meet your specific requirements.

Embrace Data Sovereignty

Experience the transformative power of data sovereignty and flexibility with LEPOD. Our cutting-edge technology leveraging Azure Stack enables you to harness the full potential of your data while ensuring compliance with local regulations. From secure storage to seamless scalability, LEPOD empowers you to embrace the cloud with unwavering confidence.

Simplified Management, Enhanced Performance

Discover a world of enhanced efficiency and flexibility. From Microsoft Licensed VMs to Secured IaaS and Hybrid IaaS, LEPOD offers a simplified approach to cloud management. Explore the power of hosted hardware, true Azure integration, and top-notch security with Liquid C2 Managed Services.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Powered by Africa’s strongest, most speedy, and most cost-effective network, Liquid Edge ensures seamless cloud experiences. You can trust our network to deliver the performance and reliability your business demands.

Simplified Cloud Infrastructure

LEPOD offers a range of features and services to simplify your cloud infrastructure. From virtual machines with customisable vCPU and memory to storage, local network, licensing, security, internet breakout, and cloud connectivity – we have everything you need for a seamless cloud experience.

Your Gateway to Cloud Transformation

Discover a world of endless possibilities where data sovereignty sparks innovation and unlocks unparalleled flexibility for your business. Join the growing community of businesses across multiple African nations that have embraced LEPOD’s compliant cloud solutions. Ignite innovation, unleash potential, and elevate your business to new heights with LEPOD as your trusted partner.

Reduce Latency and Accelerate Performance

By leveraging LEPOD’s infrastructure, you can significantly minimise latency when accessing public cloud services. Enjoy faster response times and optimize the performance of latency-sensitive business applications. With LEPOD, you can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Industries we Serve

LEPOD caters to a wide range of industries. Whether you are an SMB, enterprise, multinational corporation, fintech, or ISV, we offer custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

Financial Bodies

Banks and other financial institutions can leverage LEPOD’s secure and compliant cloud services to enhance their operations, data management, and customer experiences.


Streamline your manufacturing processes and improve collaboration across locations with LEPOD. Benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining control over your critical systems.


Embrace digital transformation in the retail sector with LEPOD. Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, manage inventory efficiently, and harness the power of data analytics to drive business growth.

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Ensure patient data’s secure storage and access, facilitate telemedicine services and enhance healthcare operations with LEPOD’s compliant and reliable cloud solutions.

Choose LiquidC2 365Direct to access Microsoft SaaS services – A dedicated, reliable, and faster connection can positively impact the experience of your customers and employees alike. To help you maximise internal operations and protect your Microsoft investment, you will need connectivity solutions that complement your strategy.

Local knowledge & expertise
We are a proudly African, privately-owned, independent company

24/7 global support
We offer proactive monitoring and full technical support

A network like no other
As a single network, we offer faster speeds, more reliability and tighter security than other networks.

Cloud end-to-end
By choosing LiquidC2, you gain access to an end to end provider capable of delivering not only Cloud resources but the vital elements of Cyber Security and Cloud optimised bandwidth, bringing you not only the components you need but tying them together efficiently and securely.

Why Liquid Intelligent Technologies?


Extend Your Datacenter to the Cloud with Liquid Edge

Are you required to host your data locally? Do you want the advantages of the cloud while maintaining on-premises infrastructure? Liquid Edge offers transparency, accessibility, and security, allowing you to extend your data centre to the cloud on your terms.
Choose Liquid Edge, Africa’s leading hybrid cloud solution, and experience the best return on investment while focusing on your core compliance requirements.
Join the Liquid Edge Platform-On-Demand today and take your business to new heights!

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