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Welcome to Liquid C2 – your gateway to a fortified digital future! We are thrilled to announce our prestigious partnership with Cloudflare and our esteemed status as an Elite MSP Partner, a first in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. This remarkable collaboration brings world-class security solutions to the forefront, empowering organisations to safeguard their digital estates like never before.

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As a Cloudflare Elite Partner, we provide Managed Security Services and Professional Security Services to businesses of all sizes across Africa and include:

Elite Partner Status

A Testament to Our Commitment

The Cloudflare Elite Partner Status is more than just a badge; it’s a testament to Liquid C2’s unwavering commitment to securing our partners and customers. With this recognition, we embark on a journey to offer advanced deployment capabilities and cutting-edge security monitoring, ensuring your investments remain safe and resilient against malicious threats.

The Power of Cloudflare

Now in Africa

Our role as a Cloudflare Elite Managed Service Provider empowers us to offer Managed Security Services and Professional Security Services, extending Cloudflare’s formidable capabilities across the continent. Through strategic client engagements and close collaboration with Cloudflare’s security teams, our aim at Liquid C2 is to elevate our cybersecurity expertise to provide world-class cybersecurity protection to our clients, positioning us as the premier delivery arm for Cloudflare Managed Security and Professional Security Services throughout Africa.

Holistic Protection


With Cloudflare’s offerings seamlessly integrated into Liquid C2’s managed service portfolio, we now offer more comprehensive DDoS mitigation capabilities through our Cyber Security Fusion Centre, available to you 24x7x365. Our partnership has extended its reach through multiple engagements with the partner ecosystem, especially with Cloudflare, across the continent.

A History of Innovation

Together, We Thrive

We’ve been solving the digital transformation needs of diverse customers in Africa for years. Now, we’re excited to extend our partnership from problem-solving to security management. Together with Cloudflare, we’re empowering the continent’s digital natives to accelerate their Zero Trust-powered journey. Africa is home to some of the most exciting, creative, and innovative businesses, and together, we’re ensuring their digital landscapes remain secure and resilient.

Awards Speak Louder Than Words

Our commitment to skill growth, sales contribution, and delivering best-in-class solutions was acknowledged with a double honor – the Cloudflare New Partner and Certification Champions for 2022 awards. These accolades underscore our dedication to excellence and our relentless pursuit of top-tier security solutions.

Real-World Success Stories

Cloudflare has a proven track record of protecting against a wide range of cyberattacks. Here are a few recent examples where Liquid C2 and Cloudflare joined forces to work their magic.

East African Financial Services Company
Under attack and under duress, Liquid C2 and Cloudflare swooped in with magic, bolstering their defences with Firewalls and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) following a critical DDoS attack in Kenya.

National Infrastructure Company
Constantly besieged by DDoS attacks, Liquid C2 and Cloudflare came to the rescue. Our Transit solution absorbed the DDoS onslaught, scrubbed it, and allowed only clean traffic to pass through.

West African Financial Services Company
Similar to our other success stories, this organisation found refuge in the combined expertise of Liquid C2 and Cloudflare to implement a zero trust security architecture.

Your Security, Our Priority

Make executive decisions fast

Liquid C2 and Cloudflare are not just partners; we are guardians of your digital fortresses. With our Elite Partner Status, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch security solutions, fortifying your digital future, and ensuring your peace of mind.

Join us in this exciting journey towards digital resilience. Together, we’ll safeguard your digital world, empowering you to thrive in a secure and dynamic digital landscape.

Whatever your security needs, We’ll C2 it.

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