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Robust, reliable connectivity to and within the cloud

Secure direct connection to hyperscale cloud providers

A well-defined cloud connectivity strategy is critical to the long-term growth and sustainability of any enterprise looking to explore the potential of the cloud. Every cloud strategy needs a cloud connectivity strategy as one of its foundational pillars as it is critical to its success both in the long and the short term. Connectivity is the key – it is connectivity that needs to drive the decisions the organisation makes with regards to how it will invest, integrate and innovate in the cloud.

Liquid has a suite of connectivity products and services that connect you to strategically located data centres and offer unrivalled cloud solutions. This bouquet of products and services ensure exceptional cloud experiences and rich, evolving connectivity solutions. We run Azure Stack, a hybrid cloud platform that offers a subset of the services available on Azure, to provide you with your own reliable and secure cloud production environment. Our solutions are agile and effective and our teams work closely with customers to ensure that our cloud is reliable, smooth, dedicated and fast.

Connect to any major cloud provider

We also offer the option to connect to other hyperscalers such as AWS, Oracle, Google and so on. Our high-speed fibre network results in lower latency, increased efficiency, and accelerated business productivity.

CloudConnect is Liquid Intelligent Technology’s solution that powers Microsoft ExpressRoute so that you can have a private and personalised connection between Microsoft cloud services and your business. Liquid Intelligent Technology offers ExpressRoute services in over 13 countries within Africa via pan-African fibre that stretches for 100,000km.

Since Liquid Intelligent Technology is one of the few official partners of Microsoft in Africa, we can ensure that you are directly connected to Microsoft Azure Peering Onramp Service instead of being rerouted through other connectivity providers.

Liquid CloudConnect directly connects to hyperscalers, making it easy to implement

Cost-effective, as you do not need an expensive IPSec tunnel for your Azure resources

You get a flexible bandwidth, ranging from 50Mbps to 1Gbps as standard

Reliability is guaranteed because data cannot transverse the public internet making it private and secure.

Global POP locations

Cloud Connectivity Choices

Cloud Networking Choices

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Make executive decisions fast

Being disrupted when you need to access essential data in your Cloud can significantly affect productivity. This is why you should use Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, which guarantees seamless connectivity while maintaining privacy. Microsoft Express Route is typically used to access IAAS services in Azure.

The super-fast and secure connection that ExpressRoute provides to businesses who need to connect to the cloud is unmatched. You can connect instantly, no matter if your data is in a colocation facility or on-premise, meaning you will be able to work more efficiently.

We at Liquid Cloud have made sure to only partner with leaders of the cloud industry such as Microsoft Azure because our research shows that they offer a highly secure connection.

With a small investment, you can be saving on considerable costs in the future. Because when using ExpressRoute, you will not need to buy an expensive IPSec tunnel to access your Microsoft Azure resources. An ExpressRoute is a safe and cost-effective solution that can allow you to transfer data between Azure and on-premises systems without hidden costs.

Build connections to build a future with ExpressRoute

Our experts know all the ins and out of ExpressRoute, and why a sturdy and private connection can be essential for a growing business. Partner with us for connectivity support like no other. We believe in the power of modern technology and are experienced in using it to help companies flourish.

A Private and Secure Cloud
Microsoft cloud security allows you a private network on which you can quickly recover, backup, and store data. You can connect to Azure with bandwidths up to a whopping 100 Gbps where available, making it an excellent choice in the case of disaster recovery, regular data migration, and other strategies for high availability. Save time, money, and effort while transferring a massive amount of data at a time.

Data Center Extension
ExpressRoute can be used to connect with and add storage and compute capacity to existing data centres. Due to fast latencies, Azure will seamlessly act as an extension to your data centres. You will be able to take full advantage of the space and tools offered by a public cloud while maintaining network performance

Hybrid Applications
Reliable, high-throughput connections through ExpressRoute can help you build applications that span Azure and on-premises infrastructure without having to compromise performance or privacy. You can run intranet applications in Azure, allowing it to authenticate your clients using an on-premises Active Directory Service. You will be serving your clients without traffic getting routed via the public internet.

Need advice?

Our team are on-hand to discuss the best way to optimise your connectivity for cloud services

Microsoft Azure Peering Service

The roadmap to achieving business success

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to help you enhance the user experience for your clientele. This is made possible by MAPS or Microsoft Azure Peering Services custom-built to improve connectivity to Microsoft Public Services, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and other SaaS hosted by Microsoft.

The reliable connectivity allows you to complete tasks faster. You also receive insights to help you grow your traffic online.

Unsurpassed Connectivity For Optimal Productivity
Liquid Intelligent Technologies happens to be the only provider offering Microsoft Peering Services to users over 100,000km and across thirteen countries.

Traffic Protection
We have partnered with Microsoft Azure because they follow all relevant SaaS security requirements. Additionally, clients who want to transition to an internet-based cloud can transition using the Peering Service. When you register, you define the path through which routing will take place.

Connections All-Around
The Microsoft Global Network has locations worldwide where service providers connect to the end-user. Since Liquid Intelligent Technologies has partnered with MAPS, we happen to be the most peered in Africa. Microsoft peering locations are in Cape Town, Gauteng, Lagos, and Nairobi.

Reliable Routing
Microsoft SaaS applications like O365 maintain highly distributed services scaled out to hundreds of locations globally. Therefore, when end-users are allowed to connect with the Microsoft Cloud at an edge location closest to them, they receive the best experience- which is what we strive to provide.

Customer Service

LiquidCloud facilitates your business through all stages of the service lifecycle. In addition, we offer 24×7 technical, support, management and network monitoring, backed by Service Level Agreements.

Customer Growth & Enhanced Connectivity

With the resiliency, speed, and consistently dependable performance of our Internet-related Services, we help you reach more destinations with fewer hops quickly.

Single, Secure Provider Service

Personalised strategies and solutions are based on a deeper understanding of your business needs with full and protected in-house expert managed cloud security.

365 Direct with Azure Peering Service

Cloud-ready, application-driven networking ecosystems for evolving business needs

You need essential Internet features for businesses with scalability and maximum global reach. The 365Direct service offers optimised and consistent internet connectivity designed explicitly for Microsoft applications, ensuring your organisation comes first. This is a streamlined, strategic, and cost-efficient way to guarantee that your workforce gets uninterrupted and focused access to the necessary online tools by Microsoft.

Furthermore, this 365Direct Plus service is optimised for minimal latency and high reliability from cloud solutions to the user location. Liquid has more peering locations with Microsoft across the African continent affording Liquid the best route to the Microsoft Global Network.

Choose LiquidCloud 365Direct to access Microsoft SaaS services – A dedicated, reliable, and faster connection can positively impact the experience of your customers and employees alike. To help you maximise internal operations and protect your Microsoft investment, you will need connectivity solutions that complement your strategy.

Local knowledge & expertise
We are a proudly African, privately-owned, independent company

24/7 global support
We offer proactive monitoring and full technical support

A network like no other
As a single network, we offer faster speeds, more reliability and tighter security than other networks.

Cloud end-to-end
By choosing Liquid Cloud, you gain access to an end to end provider capable of delivering not only Cloud resources but the vital elements of Cyber Security and Cloud optimised bandwidth, bringing you not only the components you need but tying them together efficiently and securely.

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