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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is delivered as a service, providing you with an effective and secure business communications platform without having to own, manage, or maintain an on-premise PBX, Communication is accessible on your preferred device, enabling you to communicate on any device, via any medium, from anywhere.

Communicate how you want to

Cloud PBX Telephony and Collaboration solutions are not about creating new systems, giving you new tools, or prescribing how people should communicate. Liquid Intelligent Technologies ’s Cloud PBX solutions are about reducing the communication complexities found in today’s modern business environment. Cloud PBX allows you, your staff and customers to easily communicate, collaborate and share content using their preferred medium.


  • Cloud puts your PBX wherever you are. Your PBX system has no physical location. It runs directly from our fully redundant data centres on our best in class fibre network. Your PBX follows you.
  • Cloud based, software driven. Cloud PBX solutions are software based, monitored and managed in real-time.
  • Scale as you grow. Scale up as your business requirements change, within minutes.
  • Managed for your peace of mind. We provide fully managed services ensuring that outages or faulty equipment don’t hinder your ability to be “online” – stay connected to your customers no matter what.
  • Keeping you connected. Liquid Intelligent Technologies provides support to ensure your business is always connected.
Liquid C2

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