Secure Remote Access

Enable your remote workers to connect securely

Security Guaranteed With Liquid Secure Remote Access

Your communications and data are more secure than ever with us. No matter where in the world your clients, employees, and other stakeholders may be, it is possible to securely connect with them, exchange files, communicate and collaborate with our Liquid Remote Access services.

Leave the security to us. We are here to ensure that your network is protected from potential cybersecurity threats or intrusions.

Our network security solutions are compliant with many technical environments. In addition, we have engineered a Secure Remote Access system that allows you to verify identities and establish which devices can be trusted, without fear, or where, when, or how users are choosing to log on.

Scalability, without bandwidth limitations or the need of installing hardware

Seamless connectivity is provided expressly to authenticated users

Zero trust access to private data on-premises, in data centres, and on public cloud

Secure mobile access so that work can be done through any device

Digital transformation call for evolutionary solutions

Endpoint security has become increasingly important in today’s world, where people use several different kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Malicious actors have broadened their range to target organisations such as yours; that’s why it is imperative to ensure that only the right people can remotely access your corporate networks.

Our cost-effective and valuable secure remote access solution is a necessity for businesses of all types and sizes.

You don’t have to compromise on security

Many organisations forgo security when prioritising business investments. However, security is the most important investment a business can make, so do not compromise. Our Liquid Secure Remote Access is a highly affordable service that will ensure all vulnerabilities are considered.

Painless Implementation

Want to keep your sensitive data safe within your cloud? No problem! We enforce strict access controls for both unmanaged and managed devices. We also allow implementation of the Liquid Secure Remote Access within most of the highly-popular cloud apps, which includes Office 365. Allow your employees the flexibility they deserve, so that their efficiency increases and innovate ideas are generated.

Improved User Adoption

Our authentication options are diverse enough to help you verify existing user identities quickly and efficiently. Our remote access controls are adaptive, so that identities remain protected while user productivity improves. Liquid Secure Remote Access is able to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, both in Azure and on-premises. Thus, there is improved user adoption due to the seamless integration with protected applications.

Browse The Internet Safely

These modern times have made it normal for us to always be connected to the net. Thus, there needs to be comprehensive protection when browsing online. Liquid Secure Remote Access allows users, whether or not they are connected to corporate networks to be safe from web-based cyber threats such as a phishing attack online, malware and ransomeware.


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