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Liquid C2’s OneVoice product portfolio brings you more options for communicating, collaborating and connecting effectively with employees, clients and stakeholders.

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Go beyond traditional communication with Liquid C2. Get access to a range of advanced communication and collaboration technologies to discover new ways of collaborating and communicating within your corporation.

Communicate, Collaborate and Connect with Liquid C2

Providing your employees with the right communication and collaboration tools is essential to ensure increased productivity and efficiencies. Gone are the days when employees were confined to dedicated cubicles to be productive.

As hybrid work-from-home models are becoming more and more common, many companies are looking into more reliable communication technology that have evolved as the Hybrid working environment becomes the new norm.

Our communication and collaboration solutionsprovide flexibility, functionality, and security to this newly defined “workplace.” It offers users a myriad of benefits to help streamline processes, productivity and efficiencies within the organisation.”

Our OneVoice solution also does away with another concern many companies have— being reachable to their clients. With the OneVoice product suite, customers can contact your business no matter where you are. You don’t have to worry about missing out on potential clients while you’re away—you are always connected.


OneVoice for Calling combines carrier-grade voice calling with competitive voice call prices, enabling you to receive and make calls from any fixed, mobile or international network worldwide. Our voice calling solutions provide superior call quality over the Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ IP Network, which keeps you connected 24 hours a day.

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Cloud PBX

OneVoice Cloud PBX provides all traditional PBX features and functionality, including a desktop, mobile apps and a range of IP Phones you need to manage your business successfully. Move to a single integrated Unified Communications platform, transforming your legacy PBX telephony system into a cloud-based IP communications solution.

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OneVoice for
Operator Connect

OneVoice for Operator Connect, operated by Liquid C2, enables calling in the simplest way possible. Using the Admin Portal and selecting Liquid C2’s high-quality voice network, you can quickly permit user numbers and call plans directly in the Microsoft Teams platform.

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Call Recording

OneVoice Call Recording offers a cloud-based compliant call recording service that records agents’ audio and screen interactions across any device, compliance, and optional quality assurance tools and reporting to meet your business needs.

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Telephone Management System

Manage your telecoms usage allocation and calling expenditure to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies with OneVoice Telephone Management System.

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OneVoice Calling

OneVoice Calling is the ability to make and receive voice calls over your data internet connection using geographic and non-geographic numbers. If you’ve got new branches or sites, Liquid C2 can allocate as many new numbers as necessary. However, we also give you the ability to port existing numbers to Liquid for voice calling.

Port your numbers to Liquid C2 and save on your voice calls.

  • Voice Calling On-Net Voice Calls are carried locally (on net) over your data network between your company’s branches
  • Voice Calling to Fixed Networks Voice calls are carried nationally over your data connection to the fixed line network providers.
  • Voice Calling to Mobile Networks Voice calls are carried nationally over your data connection to all mobile network service providers.
  • Voice Calling to International Networks Voice calls are carried internationally over your data connection to any international destination supported by Liquid C2.

OneVoice Cloud PBX

OneVoice Cloud PBX solution helps businesses of all sizes with their communication and collaboration requirements. The solution is driven by a single integrated platform that transforms legacy PBX telephony systems into cloud-based IP communication solutions.

The real benefit, however goes to the end-user because the solution combines video, voice, and data functionality into a single offering, letting them connect on any device, through any medium, from anywhere.

OneVoice For Operator Connect

OneVoice for Operator Connect enables businesses to enable calling plans, quickly activate user numbers via the Microsoft Teams admin panel, and have their voice heard via Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ world-class voice network.

Essentially, you can use Operator Connect to add PTSN calling features to Microsoft Teams without needing additional hardware.

OneVoice with Call Recording

Our Call Recording solution integrates with Microsoft Teams through policy based recording, by recording both on net and off net calls from your Microsoft Team solution. Enforce your governance and compliance policies with our call recording system, which manages all of your recordings through an online portal.

OneVoice Telephone Management System

OneVoice Telephone Management System (TMS) is a hosted web-based telephone management system which interconnects to our OneVoice Cloud PBX, Contact Centre and Teams. It provides you with a holistic view of your business detailed telecoms calling expenditure and calling patterns. The TMS is hosted in in the cloud where the Call Detail Records are collected and processed into the platform to produce detailed reporting.

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