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e-Mail is a critical communication channel leading it to be the primary attack vector on organisations.
Cybercriminals exploit the human factor creating highly targeted socially engineered attacks using increasingly sophisticated threats.

Weaponised e-mails containing Zero Days and undetectable malicious code continually evade the protection provided by traditional Secure Mail Gateways leading to ongoing data breaches and ransomware incidents.

A new approach is needed, focusing on prevention

Prevents the most sophisticated unknown and undetectable threats

Comprehensive and cost-effective email & archiving security solution

Ability to continue using the email services through a power outage

Get Protected

E-Guard has the ability to inspect all components of the e-mail including the e-mail body, links, and attachments using various anti-virus, scanning and deconstruction tools

Advanced Threat Protection

Some of the key components of e-Guard include outbound scanning, recipient validation, reputation services, spam detection and anti-virus, e-mail content management and advanced Data Leakage Prevention with the inclusion of our world-class Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service.

Every incoming email must be treated as suspicious. Instead of relying on detection, ATP Mail Content Disarm and Reconstruction ensures security by transforming the entire email message into a neutralised (harmless) and trustworthy copy. ATP prevents advanced undetectable malicious code attacks and ransomware while maintaining full usability, visibility and functionality.

  • Geographical redundant locations for secure Data Centers
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support Services
  • Free Installation
  • Multiple load-balanced connections
  • 100% Anti-Malware including zero-hour protection
  • 100% Anti-Spam with 0.0001% false positives
  • Pure Cloud Solution– no specific hardware requirements
  • Single web-based administration console for all e-mail services
  • Active Directory integration including Azure
  • Group or individual policies with existing AD policies transferred through LDAP Integration
  • Scheduled and on-demand reporting
  • Alerting via SMS, E-mail or telephone
  • Scalable E-mail Gateway
  • Encrypted transmission of E-mails
  • Delivery to multiple geographical locations
  • Failover built into mail delivery if DR is setup on client-side

Easy access through Outlook plug-in and mobile app

Caters for outbound mail through the configuration of a smart-host

No Capex can be provisioned in short space of time

Why Liquid Intelligent Technologies?

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will provide clients with ongoing management, monitoring, and support:


Liquid Intelligent Technologies takes care of storage requirements as the archive grows

Email Archive

E-mail archive is housed at a highly secure Data Centre


24/7/365 monitoring support by Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ security experts


Liquid Intelligent Technologies manages upgrades and maintenance to the e-mail security, archiving and branding

Cloud end to end

By choosing Liquid Cloud, you gain access to an end to end provider capable of delivering not only Cloud resources but the vital elements of Cyber Security and Cloud optimised bandwidth, bringing you not only the components you need but tying them together efficiently and securely.


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