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Liquid Site Builder

Liquid Site-builder provides a simple and easy to use platform for online presence. The drag and drop functionality allow a small business to create a professional looking website without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure and back end systems link cPanel.

Why is online presence important for your business ?

Web presence is a top priority for any small business: they need to be found online, appear professional and grow their business in today’s digital world. Customers are looking for products that can be consumed or purchased online, easy to use and managed centrally.

Online presence, connectivity, communication all key for any business and ensure you can reach your customers, call or email when necessary but also your customer can search online or consume your services through your website thus creating an additional revenue stream.


  • Online presence – small businesses have better coverage and can reach a bigger audience
  • Opex model- no upfront cost for infrastructure. Subscription on a billing basis
  • Cost savings- no need to invest or spend money on developers or designers to work on images or functionality, Basekit platform has a catalogue of images and templates to use
  • Simplicity – even without knowledge of cPanel, scripting languages, the platform provides an easy-to-use GUI. Changes can be made on the go, through the user interface

Built for small business
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Site builder, store, domain, email

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