OneVoice Telephone Management System

Valuable business management tool to assist in reducing the misuse of Telecoms facilities and related costs

Manage your telecoms usage allocation and calling expenditure to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies with OneVoice Telephone Management System

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ OneVoice Telephone Management System (TMS) provides you with a hosted web-based telephone management system (TMS), which interconnects to our OneVoice Cloud PBX, Contact Centre and Teams, and provides you with a holistic view of your business detailed Telecoms calling expenditure and calling patterns. The TMS is hosted in in the cloud where the Call Detail Records (CDRs) are collected and processed into the platform.

Better Decision Making

Enables better business decision making to manage and control your communication costs by providing detailed reporting on all communication call traffic costs and calling patterns.

Cost Savings

Drive cost savings through improved call monitoring and management as the TMS enables the allocation of call costs per department in order to recover costs and assign charges within your business.

Cloud Solution

The TMS platform is hosted in a secure cloud environment and can be accessed via a web portal. The TMS is scalable and will grow as your business grows as it is based on a per-user per month OpEx model.

Value Added Services

We will provide installation and training and can provide the voice breakout as well – voice minutes will be billed separately from the TMS offering

Single Provider

Run all your voice and data with one Service Provider and enjoy other ValueAdded Services like Cloud PBX, Voicemail, Call Recording, Call Centre which can be added on at an additional cost.

Manage and monitor telephone call costs effectively

Our TMS captures live call records from your telephone system and allows the business to create several meaningful reports that can be used to make informative business decisions to manage and control business telecom utilisation and costs. Graphical representation and reports can be drawn within the platform or can be sent via email to various stakeholders in the business.

Our TMS provides departmental telephone bill reporting for budgetary purposes and project tracking through the use of client or account codes. The functionality extends to indicating whether a call was incoming, outgoing or transferred to another extension; and where Caller ID is provided, this will also be listed in the reports. 

A valuable function of the TMS is the indication of call traffic volumes. Reports also indicate the number of times the switchboard rang before the caller was answered and provides a detailed list of abandoned calls.

TMS on-billing platform

TMS On-billing is a service that enables Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ business partners and/or channel partners to on-bill voice calling plans to their customers at different rates. In essence, the customer specific calling plans are ingested into the TMS on-biller platform via a web portal and the system will on-bill your customers at the correct rate plan associated to their business.

Why you should choose Liquid Intelligent Technologies for OneVoice Telephone Management System?

Fulfils several communication requirements
Organisations can combine Liquid OneVoice Cloud PBX, OneVoice Calling and Telephone Management System to enable employees to make and receive calls from our Cloud PBX device, desktop or mobile app at competitive call rates, while providing the tools to monitor and manage call costs.

Better decision making
Multi-level reporting allows for a comprehensive summary and detailed view of your organisation’s communication patterns and expenses. Reports can be scheduled automatically to be sent to the user administrator.

Control costs
Valuable business management tool to assist in reducing the misuse of Telecoms facilities and related costs. Discover high utilization areas of the business in order to simplify ways of working and identify areas of potential misuse or fraudulent activities.

Superior pricing and coverage
Scalable and flexible subscription-based licensing model. Per user per month OpEx based pricing model. Our services span over 6 African countries. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya are countries where we offer voice calling.

Keep connected
Through our range of telephony, communication and collaboration tools your employees can stay connected and engage with each other and customers. We are a single network that offers more reliability, better security, and faster speeds than any other network.


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