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Webinar 1st December at 10:00CAT

Backup Your Data Securely With Acronis

Cloud services help us collaborate and communicate regardless of location, to get work done in this new Digital Age we find ourselves in. Just because you’re constantly creating cloud data, does not mean you have any control over it, anything can happen. An employee can delete files or download a malicious file that would spread throughout all your local computers. How long would it take for you to recover your data and get your business into full swing?

Cloud Storage is a powerful tool which increases productivity, enables collaboration, and provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for your storage needs, but it is susceptible to many of the same risks encountered by end-user or on-premise storage.

Liquid Cloud, powered by Acronis, has combined the best data recovery software with anti-ransomware technologies to give you the ultimate solution to all your data backup and recovery issues. Running a business is challenging enough without having to stress about safeguarding your data. That’s why it is a good idea to partner with us to benefit from our easy-to-use and reliable cloud backup solutions.


01 December 2021

08:00AM - 09:00AM GMT
10:00AM - 11:00AM CAT
11:00AM - 12:00AM EAT


  • Introduction of Liquid Backup, powered by Acronis
  • How Cloud Backup is Key to your Cyber Protection
  • Introduction to Cyber Security features of Acronis
  • Q & A


David Brookes : Liquid Intelligent Technologies

David Brookes : Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Specialist Product Manager

With an interest in all things Cloud, David has spent over a decade focusing on a wide variety of Cloud services. Over the last 3 years David has driven Cloud Platforms within Liquid with a focus on bringing the latest technology to our customers.

Cosmin Aurel Bogdan : Acronis

Cosmin Aurel Bogdan : Acronis

Cloud Distributor Success Manager

Drawing on combined experience in learning & enablement at Oracle, and in a hosting & managed services startup, Cosmin joined Acronis early in 2020 as a Cloud Services Advisor. Passionate about raising cyber protection awareness among today’s cyber citizens, his valuable insights and skills saw him take on a new role in 2021.

Currently Cloud Distributor Success Manager, Cosmin works closely with a growing network of partners to ensure the proper enablement of the African sales channel.

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