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Peace Of Mind With Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business is scaling at lightning-fast speeds, and that’s a good thing. But how prepared are you to face any sudden challenges? The speed of your response to possible disasters determines the extent of damage and how quickly you bounce back from it.

Liquid C2 is here to help. With Azure’s in-depth offsite data backup storage and disaster recovery solution, we can help growing companies adapt and adjust to remote working, ensuring that their data is always recoverable no matter how big the damage.

Minimised downtime due to dependable data recovery software

Reduced infrastructural costs because you don’t need on-premises setup for data recovery

Simple and easy deployment and management, with minimal recovery issues

A centralised data backup that is secure and scalable depending on the needs of your backup storage.

Best data recovery software offered by Liquid Intelligent Technologies

When you partner with Liquid Intelligent Technologies for data recovery services, your work continues uninterrupted right through data outage, file corruption issues, accidental deletion, service disruption as well as unplanned or planned network outages.
Azure Recovery is easy to deploy, cost-effective, and dependable, and it’s only a call away.

You no longer need to risk losing data or have trouble recovering it if it does go missing. If your work is primarily based on filing systems, data, forms, and information of any kind, consider this Azure Backup and recovery system as a viable option.

A Cost-Effective Solution

You won’t need a separate offsite backup system or any other infrastructural investments to get the backup and disaster recovery solution.

Exponential growth equals a sizeable increase in data as well. But that doesn’t mean storage and backup should cost an arm and a leg. With this solution you get a cloud based storage system that is secure, durable and low-cost.

Security Guaranteed

Get secure storage to retain backups through Azure’s inexpensive and reliable solution instead of costly storage arrays.

Due to the increase in cyber security threats in both business and personal avenues, having a secure storage and backup solution has become integral. Also, in case of a breach, you can still use the data recovery tool and regain control.

Build a Resilient System

An enterprise needs a highly resilient system with disaster recovery capabilities. Data backup systems help you in case of an application or manual error causing data corruption.

They will also help you if you are looking to set up a quick testing and development environment that can help with data recovery if all methods are failing.

Best data backup solutions

When you want ransomware data recovery without a hitch, you let our experts do their job. Here are some of the advantages of the Azure Backup solution brought to you by Liquid C2:

Scalable Data Backup Management

Make your plan B your plan A. Azure’s Data Backup system allows you to stay prepared no matter what comes your way. Manage the entirety of your backed-up data from one place or have us manage it for you.

Certified And Trustworthy

We recommend Microsoft Azure’s Backup and Disaster Recovery because thousands of businesses worldwide rely on it for continued data security. In addition, it has more certifications than any other cloud provider, and Microsoft continually invests in development and research to make Azure better.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Your data backup is further secured through user identity management. In addition, you can improve your ransomware protection through the option of multi-factor authentication, which happens through a pin generation system.

Ready to protect critical data and applications with Azure?

This is the only disaster recovery solution you’ll ever need. With Azure, we bring you a simple and scalable solution that can be integrated with on-premise data protection solutions for more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With us on your side, it is possible to recover your data and restart your business services promptly, no matter how big the disaster may have been. With Azure Backup and disaster recovery, you get a robust solution that’s secure, resilient, and cloud-native.

So, you no longer have to endure a meltdown when you have an organised and quick system in place to recover business services. The Backup and disaster recovery solution is all yours, and it’s only a call away.


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