Build cloud resilience
with Liquid security solutions

Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud services and applications across all industries, amplifying the need for protecting users and business-critical data.

At Liquid, we offer comprehensive advisory and managed security services to assist organisations in assessing their business risks. We assist you in putting in place industry-leading protection services to ensure your employees remain productive, irrespective of their location of work. And, provide you with insights and control on what is most important to you – your data.

With our Cybersecurity solutions, you don’t need to lose sleep over the potential risk of an attack.

Advanced Threat Protection

We incorporate threat intelligence feeds from global providers into a fully managed process that provides immediate alerts and remediation that assist in containing security threats across your IT systems.

Security and Identity Management

We can assist in developing your Cloud Security Strategy to actively protect your business from threats and attacks. We deliver solutions that safeguard your business and users with continuous monitoring and administration of both your cloud and on-premises IT environment.

Security Monitoring

We provide 24×7 real-time monitoring and analysis of both cloud and on-premises IT environments to ensure your systems are protected and provide immediate remedies.

Data Loss Prevention & Compliance Services

We provide insights and control to your data stored in your cloud services, making your business more secure.

Giving you peace of mind with a 360º view of your entire business environment Advisory and Managed Security Services


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