Cloud Storage is not Backup

Microsoft Azure

The confusion between backup and Cloud Storage can lead to organisations having a false sense of security around their data. While Cloud Storage can be a powerful tool, increasing productivity, enabling collaboration, and providing a cost-effective, scalable solution for your storage needs, it is susceptible to many of the same risks encountered by end-user or on-premise storage.

Why backup matters

All data is unique, and unlike other assets that keep businesses running, we can’t buy a replacement off the shelf when something goes wrong. While data insurance may provide some financial assistance after data loss, it cannot bring that data back. This is where backup comes in. Storing a separate copy of our essential information means that we can recover our data and continue to trade if anything happens.

Critical data may include Debtors/Creditors’ info, customer base /CRM, and IP info that you may have generated. The loss of this data can have a tangible impact on our ability to generate revenue, collect outstanding money, and ultimately stay operational.

Is my Cloud Data not safe?

Many Cloud providers have varying levels of backups built into their systems. This, however, is mainly focused on keeping the system operational at best. As a result, while these Cloud platforms boast of incredibly high “uptime,” an organization’s data can still be vulnerable to accidental deletion, malicious employees, and misconfigurations, leading to loss of data.

That being said, Cloud Storage is a powerful tool that can enable collaboration and efficiency for our users and provide the scale and resources necessary for our platforms and applications. As a rule, any data used by systems or users should be held in storage so that it can be easily accessed and utilized.

Backups should be seen as a separate environment built with the specific intention of storing copies of our data that can be easily accessed and restored when primary data is not available.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Microsoft Azure offers unbeatable cloud storage solutions. Use it in tandem with Acronis for backups, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your data for a very long time.

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