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Build a new way forward in an increasingly AI-driven world.

We’re living in exciting times for technology. AI is sparking one of the most significant transformations in history, creating entirely new ways to solve problems and enhance efficiency. This AI revolution demands pioneering new approaches, and Liquid C2, together with Google Cloud is ready to help organisations trail-blaze and thrive in our rapidly evolving, AI-driven world.

Organisations of all sizes are asking 6 critical questions. Together with Liquid C2’s deep expertise, we can help you address:

  • How we can build transformative AI experiences quickly and with confidence
  • Enable your infrastructure to build fast and harness AI
  • Build apps faster and use generative AI to drive developer productivity
  • How to bring data together and apply the latest AI and the best tools to innovate
  • Provide you with the tools, and capabilities to defend against the toughest cyber threats.
  • Enable you with the tools to help employees be as productive and engaged as possible

Remote data backups from any device, anywhere

Google Cloud capabilities allow you to increase ROI considerably

Unsurpassed cloud security, so you and your employees have peace of mind

Google Cloud provides smart analytics through its server-less analytics platform

Modern Infrastructure Cloud

Help businesses and governments build quickly, securely, and cost effectively with the next generation of infrastructure.

Build and run modern, container-based applications quickly and securely.​

Optimise enterprise workloads with high reliability and price-performance.

Run on a cloud designed for sovereignty, scalability, and control, on-premises and at the edge.​

Build on Google Cloud's integrated, AI-optimized infrastructure.

Google Cloud helps businesses and governments build cost-effectively with the next generation of infrastructure designed to meet specific workload and industry needs. This AI-optimised infrastructure can accelerate development and deliver breakthrough levels of performance per dollar at high levels of reliability and scale.

Distributed infrastructure is specifically designed to support the unique sovereignty, scalability, and connectivity demands of organisations that have more stringent control requirements. This is why organisations around the world who need sophisticated, modern infrastructure choose Google Cloud

Developer Cloud

Enable developers to build, deploy and manage applications through various platforms, frameworks and integrations.

Developers can write code fast and securely.

Developers can get started quickly.

Developers can integrate generative AI easily.​

Developers can ship fast and frequently with Google’s scalable and fully managed container environment.​ ​

A Developer Cloud accelerates application development with a streamlined developer experience, AI-powered tools, and easy generative AI integration. Setting up and coding are made simpler with Google Cloud’s intuitive console, quick-start templates, and AI collaboration through Gemini. Deployments are accelerated using industry-leading Kubernetes scaling (GKE) and serverless capabilities (Cloud Run). Lastly, Vertex AI offers a comprehensive platform for integrating generative AI, including advanced models like Gemini, to drive further innovation in applications.


Google named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure Solutions, Q1 2024

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In this report:

  • Why Google is named a Leader in AI infrastructure.
  • Where the AI infrastructure market stands today, and where it is going.
  • How Google Cloud’s capabilities compare to other cloud providers.
  • What contributed to Google Cloud receiving the highest score in both Current Offering and Strategy categories among all vendors evaluated.

Data Cloud

Transform your greatest asset – your data, by unifying and connecting it with groundbreaking AI to unleash transformative insights.

Connect all your data with AI.

Manage all data with a unified data foundation.​

Run all your data where it is.​

Get enterprise-grade efficiency and security at scale.​

A Data Cloud helps organizations connect all their data with groundbreaking AI to unleash transformative insights. Google Cloud makes it easy to manage every stage of the data lifecycle, supports popular open-source technologies and third-party integrations, and provides powerful AI capabilities that are easily accessible with organizations’ data. All of this is delivered with enterprise-grade efficiency, scalability, and security.

Security Cloud

Enhance your security team with Mandiant frontline experts, intel-driven security operations, and a secure cloud platform—supercharged by AI.

Increase resilience against potential attackers with Mandiant experts and frontline intelligence.

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats quickly with an intel-driven security operations platform.​

Safeguard your cloud transformation and meet digital sovereignty requirements with a secure cloud platform.​

Make Google part of your security team with Mandiant frontline experts, intel-driven security operations, and a secure cloud platform—supercharged by AI. First, organisations can protect their business using many of the same frontline insights, expertise, and industry-leading cybersecurity specialists that Google uses to keep billions of users and millions of websites safe online. Second, organisations can effectively detect, investigate, and respond to threats at the speed and scale of Google with a modern security operations (SecOps) platform, powered by our threat intelligence.


Collaboration Cloud

Google Workspace helps teams of all sizes do their best work with AI-powered productivity tools.

Harness the power of generative AI to unleash creativity in the new era ​ of work.

Create a culture of innovation where ​ everyone thrives.

Enable everyone to work safer.

Collaboration Cloud helps teams of all sizes do their best work with AI-powered productivity tools. Workspace is the world’s most popular productivity suite with more than 3 billion users. Gemini for Google Workspace is the only generative AI that combines organizations’ unique enterprise data—like emails, documents, and meetings—and up-to-date real-world knowledge from Gemini, to deliver personalized assistance that helps teams bring their best work to life.

Managed Cloud

We provide continuous support to ensure your cloud environment is always secure and optimised for your needs with our enhanced support plan.

Case escalation: increased attention when you need it

Third-Party Technology Support: help with multiple technologies

APIs: programmatically manage your Google Cloud operations

Value-Add Services: tailored to your business needs

A managed Cloud ensures you can leverage the power of Google Cloud Platforms, Google Workspace and Google cloud security without having to manage the day-to-day operations. Have a user who can’t access their mailbox? Or A machine that is failing to back up? Liquid C2 offers a helping hand when you need it most with 24×7 and SLA guaranteed support.


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