Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Connectivity

Why choose one cloud solution when you can have them all?

Deploying the right cloud-based system for the right capacity with a data-driven approach

Today, disruption is ubiquitous and constant. As a result, the need for businesses to be constantly adaptive, responsive, and evolving at a pace is more vital than ever before – and the cloud makes that possible.

The cloud-based approach allows you to:

  • Stay connected with future-proof business operations and functions that are highly agile, scalable, and available
  • Get intelligent and familiar with new ways of operating that are productive, cost-efficient, and user-friendly
  • Enjoy seamless transformation and ultimately delivering an exceptional customer experience that is personalised, differentiated
  • Ensure cloud security by unified management and maximise the advantage of compliance and protection management for your applications and data

Bringing The Innovation Through Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Liquid C2 brings the industrialisation and innovation of the public to the private cloud, data centre, and the remaining infrastructure to deliver consistent and seamless hybrid cloud solutions that streamline your business operations and increase agility. Our solution offers:


We provide you the standard service catalogue required to automate your IT infrastructure and minimise the chances of sprawl.

Robust Cloud Operating Model

We help you with agile and robust cloud operating model adoption that employs site reliability engineering and DevSecOps principles, enabling agility and driving operational efficiencies.

Cloud Culture And Skills

We help up-skill your organisation and evolve your culture to operate in the new environment seamlessly.

AI And Automation

We leverage your infrastructure as modern, AI, and code automation concepts in all the layers of the stack to constantly optimise environments.

Tools And Platform

We provide infrastructure and cloud management platforms incorporating automation, analytics, and AI to drive desired business outcomes.

Applications And Data-Driven

We help you define the most appropriate cloud architecture according to your data and application needs and allows you to unleash the actual business value.

Collaborate With Liquid C2, Africa’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Computing Expert

We offer secure and dedicated access to various prominent cloud solutions while ensuring sensitive data protection.

Despite various platforms having inbuilt cloud security, safeguarding a diverse environment with individual applications, services and data can be a significant challenge.

Our comprehensive security-related offerings unify security and privacy in cloud computing across your entire IT environment to make sure that they are always safeguarded. We help you:

  • Get your cloud security solutions approach right through exhaustive assessment and consulting
  • Build robust intrinsic security by accurately configuring and leveraging cloud-native controls for combating cloud security challenges on your new platforms
  • Stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities through overarching cloud security services, as well as 360 proactive intervention and threat monitoring

With our products, platforms, and services – including our Liquid C2 portfolio for cloud-enabled hybrid offerings for hyper-converged and converged infrastructures – we help you assess, determine and opt for the perfect solution as per your unique needs.

We work with you and help you navigate the intricacies of the cloud journey to best facilitate you with the migration and transformation of your workloads where they are well-suited and make the transition as smooth, quick, cost-effective, and painless as possible.

Craft the ideal hybrid cloud for your organisation using any combination of our Private Cloud, Public Enterprise Cloud, third-party clouds, and unparalleled managed services to your existing and new architecture.

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