Cloud Connectivity

Robust, reliable connectivity to and within the cloud

Secure direct connection to hyperscale cloud providers

Liquid has a suite of connectivity products and services that connect you to strategically located data centres and offer unrivalled cloud solutions. This bouquet of products and services ensure exceptional cloud experiences and rich, evolving connectivity solutions. We run Azure Stack, a hybrid cloud platform that offers a subset of the services available on Azure, to provide you with your own reliable and secure cloud production environment. Our solutions are agile and effective and our teams work closely with customers to ensure that our cloud is reliable, smooth, dedicated and fast.

Connect to any major cloud provider

We also offer the option to connect to other hyperscalers such as AWS, Oracle, Google and so on. Our high-speed fibre network results in lower latency, increased efficiency, and accelerated business productivity.

CloudConnect is Liquid Intelligent Technology’s solution that powers Microsoft ExpressRoute so that you can have a private and personalised connection between Microsoft cloud services and your business. Liquid Intelligent Technology offers ExpressRoute services in over 13 countries within Africa via pan-African fibre that stretches for 100,000km.

A seamless user experience that helps you remain worry-free

Cloud security that ensures privacy and safety of integral business data

We are the largest connectivity provider in Africa, ensuring all your connectivity needs are met

Constant connection to your business data in a colocation environment and on-premise

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