Liquid Edge is the hybrid cloud that takes your business where it needs to go without losing its direction, allow you to focus on your core compliance requirements, provides the best return on investment


Extend your datacenter to the cloud on your terms with Liquid Edge

Liquid Edge Platform on Demand (LEPOD) combines the scale and power of Microsoft’s public Azure with the locally hosted resources of Azure Stack to provide a Hybrid Cloud. This enables our customers to take advantage of all that Public Cloud has to offer while being able to keep their customer sensitive data and workloads in country.

With more countries across Africa publishing and adopting data protection laws, organisations are looking for ways to utilise the cloud while retaining protected data within the borders. Combined with latency concerns while accessing workloads from Public Cloud providers around the world, organisations want innovative platforms that can keep their data locally while still providing all that Public cloud has to offer.

LEPOD addresses these requirements through locally hosted compute and storage, providing our customers with more choice around where their cloud resources are hosted and aiding them in remaining compliant with their local data regulations.

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