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Managed Unified Threat Management

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a comprehensive security solution that allows for advanced threat management. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is an approach to information security where a single hardware or software installation provides multiple security functions. UTM provides an all-in-one coverage for common security needs including firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, anti-spam, and web filtering.

Prevent breaches and attacks

Enable a first line as well as multi-layered security control defenses against network perimeter attacks. First pillar in enabling network risk mitigation

Prevent unauthorised network access

Limit access protocols, services and applications

Detect and protect against network intrusion attacks

Identify reconnaissance attempts and defend against intrusions

An enabler for Secure Remote Access

VPN ability enables secure remote access sessions

Features of Unifed Threat Management

Liquid provides Managed Security and UTM solutions that are fully maintained and supported by IT security experts, offering you a comprehensive and superior service to reduce your capex and operational security expenditure

Multi-tenant – Liquid owned MSSP offering consisting of virtual UTM per customer

Dedicated UTM – Customer-owned device hosted within Liquid DC or at customer premises

Multi-tenant Vendor options – Cisco and Fortinet

Dedicated – Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, Sophos, and Palo Alto to be provided upon request

Solution options – Next-generation firewall (NGFW), Virtual private networking (VPN), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Secure SD-WAN, and Zero Trust

Consolidated Management and Reporting – Reporting to relevant stakeholders

Event Logging and Storage – Linked to service level agreement (SLA)

Monitoring and Analysis service options – Monitoring and analysis linked to service level agreement (SLA)

The Liquid Intelligent Technologies Solution assists our clients by preventing:

Unauthorized Access​ – unauthorized access by users or devices, e.g., remote endpoints​

Unauthorized utilization of Network Protocols, Services, Applications and IPs​ –Misuse and compromise via vulnerable or weakly configured network protocols, services, IP’s and applications​

Malicious code and malware attacks, including phishing ​- Virus attacks, compromise via malicious code website exploits, phishing in all its forms ​

Hacker reconnaissance, exploits and Penetration – Hacker attacks on public facing infrastructure aimed at gaining access to private network assets​

Intrusion and Brute Force ​- Intrusions attempts in all it forms including brute force attacks on user credentials​

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DDos – Interception of sensitive information including user passwords​

Data Interception – Interception of sensitive information including user passwords​

Web content filtering

Includes web access management and control, and related protection

Protection against DOS attacks

Protect against most basic DOS attacks

Gateway between security zones

Acts as gate between public and private (sensitive) networks with varying policy and protection requirements

Enables compliance

Enables compliance to legislative, regulatory, and contractual requirements


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