Microsoft’s Dynamics Cloud Transition Promotions

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Microsoft is on a drive to incentivise customers to take advantage of their Cloud Solution offerings. One of these key promotions is aimed at Dynamics ERP customers using older legacy versions of the current range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products. Depending on whether the decision has already been made to migrate to the cloud, or whether you need a little more time before migrating, there is a Promo that you can take advantage of and reap the benefits.

What is Bridge to Cloud?
Following on from the hugely successful BREP via CSP and Bridge to Cloud promotions, comes the Bridge to Cloud 2 promotion. This promotion enables customers to pay their BREP (Enhancement Plan) over a 12-month period, as opposed to paying it in a once off payment. Being able to pay the BREP over 12 instalments is not the only benefit for customer though. The customers that Microsoft is aiming the Bridge to Cloud Promo at are the customers that have an on-premise Dynamics ERP solution, but are not yet ready to move to Cloud just yet.

What are the benefits for me?
Microsoft is always looking at ways of allowing customers to try out their new solutions, and what better way of getting customers to use them than allowing them to do so for free. This is not your normal ‘trial’ offering either. By taking advantage of the Bridge to Cloud 2 Promo, you will then have access to multiple Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses during the term that customers are signed up for the promo. These “Free to Use” licenses can be used in a demo, development or even live environments and eliminates the need for customers to pay for Business Central licenses while their Dynamics Partners are building a new solution for them.

To coin a famous pitch, “But wait, that’s not all”. When the customer moves onto Business Central from their legacy Dynamics ERP System, they will receive a license discount of 40% off the regular retail price on the Business Central licenses purchased for a period of 3 years, after which the license cost would revert to the regular retail price. As an example, using a 5 user company which would use Manufacturing and or Service Management functionality, the saving on licensing amounts to $200 a month, $2400 over a year, and $7200 during the 3 year price drop. At the normal RRP rate, with 5 users as the basis, this saving would effectively mean that you have covered the next 14 months with the savings you have realized.

My BREP is due after 1st January 2023. What do I qualify for?
You can renew you BREP via Bridge to Cloud 2 Promo for a total of 36 months. You will also receive multiple “Free to Use” Business Central Licenses for the duration of the Promo, provided that your monthly BREP payments are up to date. When you move over to Business Central before the end of the 3rd year, you will receive a total of 40% off the Recommended Retail Price.

How long am I able to receive the benefits of the Promo for before I upgrade to Business Central?
The term for this Promo is for a maximum term of 36 months (equivalent of 3 Annual BREP renewals). After this term, the customer would then move onto Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP system.

What is the end date by which I need to make a decision by for the Bridge to Cloud 2 Promo?
There is no date specified yet by Microsoft. Any changes will be communicated as soon as any updates or changes are made.

I am ready to move to Business Central now, and my BREP is up to date. Is there a Promo for me as well?
There most certainly is. Microsoft also has a Cloud Migration Promo. This allows customers that are ready to move to Business Central to get preferential pricing on their new license costs. There is a 40% discount off the recommended retail price which is valid for a total of 36 months. The Cloud Migration Promo will be coming to an end on the 30th June 2023. If you are ready to make the move, don’t miss out on the large savings that you would receive.

The CloudMania Dynamics Team want to make it easy for our partners. Please feel free to reach out to Lee Olsen (lee.olsen@liquid.tech) and Brooke Anderson (brooke.anderson@liquid.tech) so that we can help you with the best recommendation for you and your customer.

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