Non-Geographic number porting will soon be available with Liquid

Non Geographic number porting

From 7 March 2022 onwards the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has approved the porting of non-geographic phone numbers. paving the way for a more innovative and competitive landscape, the regulations will end the historical dispensation that disallowed non-geographic number porting between service providers and network operators.* 

The move resolves a significant issue that businesses in South Africa have had for some time. While individual consumers have been able to port their geographic numbers between telecommunications service providers since 2006, businesses, SOEs and call centres have been locked into their original service provider due to the inability to port non-geographic numbers. 

Liquid is excited by the fact Non-Geographic number porting is finally here! 

Before ICASA’s announcement, it remained impossible to port non-geographic numbers used by local businesses, non-profit organizations and consumers of toll-free, shared-cost, premium rate and Voice over Internet Protocol numbers starting with 080, 086 and 087. 

Liquid welcomes this announcement and is excited by the opportunities it opens, especially regarding cloud migration, business agility and the ability to upgrade operations without losing a key part of an enterprise’s identity. 

Local businesses, NGOs, Call Centers, and State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) can now port their numbers to a new service provider without changing their number. 

You can now port your 080, 086 and 087 Non-Geographical phone numbers to Liquid Intelligent Technologies.   

Benefit from greater flexibility and improved service levels while saving costs. Let u assist you to with the right technology to achieve growth, operate smartly, and gain efficiency. 

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