Azure Reserved Instances

While Pay as you go services provide incredible flexibility and the ability to save on resource costs by shutting down services not in use, some platforms need to run 24/7. This is where Reserved Instances (RIs) come in. By committing to pay a flat rate for a resource for 1 or 3 years you unlock discounted rates giving you predictable and consistent billing. RIs are applied to matching resources overriding the per hour rates with a single monthly or annual charge.

To get started all you need is a Liquid, Microsoft Azure Subscription. Unlike many CSPs Liquid provides full RI self service allowing you to manage and maintain your RIs to optimize your Cloud Spend.

Available Reservations

  • Virtual Machines
  • SQL / Cosmos Database as a Service
  • Storage
  • App Services

*Not all versions of these products can be reserved, please speak to us about your options.


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