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Cyber Security Awareness and Training

Cybercriminals targeting people, not systems, have fully commercialized their operations and systems so that they can target people at scale. In over 70% of confirmed security incidents, each was started by the actions of a staff member who had been tricked by a cybercriminal. Staff need help in becoming more aware of how to protect themselves at home and on the corporate network.

Key Cyber Security Awareness Threats

  • Phishing emails
  • SMiShing (SMS Phishing)
  • Vishing
  • Malicious websites and software
  • User behaviour

The Liquid Intelligent Technologies solution

Liquid cyber security awareness and training solutions are designed to assist our clients to enhance what we refer to as the ‘Human Firewall‘. This is facilitated by simulated phishing attacks whereby the solution has been designed to mimic real-world phishing attempts, all with the intention of building awareness among users.

SafeTitan Next Generation Firewall Benefits

Assess the level of human cyber risk and create a human firewall and last line of defence against cyber criminals in real-time.

  • Prevent breaches and attacks – cyber crime isn’t going away
  • Build the right culture for security – no plan or strategy can survive a bad culture
  • Data & People protection – policies are as good as they are known
  • Better Information Security – Internal threats are the most potent and lethal
  • Compliance – Data Protection, Governance legislation(s)
  • Cost effective – Preventive measures are far cheaper than reactive measure
  • Reputational protection – Breaches are detrimental to your brand Equity
  • Matures user behaviour – Promotes adherence to acceptable use policies
Liquid C2

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