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SafeGuard is a smart, simple and reliable email archiving and retrieval solution. SafeGuard secure email archiving ensures legal and regulatory compliance, together with highly reliable email storage and real-time retrieval.

Secure Email Archiving and Real-Time Retrieval

SafeGuard provides a constant and real-time service to access your encrypted, forensically in-tact archive of every email sent or received by your business. Email retrieval can be done by sender, recipient, date, time, subject, body and attachments, just as they were originally sent or received.

Benefits SafeGuard:

  • Reliable, real-time backup of electronic communication
  • Business continuity in the event of an email system failure
  • A central archive of incoming, outgoing and internal electronic messages
  • Simple email sorting, search and retrieval capabilities
  • Viewing and replaying of lost or deleted messages
  • Easy access to email messages always using any web-enabled device
  • Ability to send and receive messages from within the archive
  • Compliance with the requirements of the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT)
  • Act and various other pieces of legislation that indirectly prescribe the retention or archiving of electronic
  • communication.

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