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Manage your Microsoft 365 & Azure investment


Optimise, secure and control your Microsoft 365 and Azure investment

Feeling the pressure to maximise your cloud investment? Introducing Titanium, your AI powered cloud monitoring and management tool that provides you with deep analytics of your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments, all accessible through a single dashboard.

Save 18-37% on renewals, with further savings possible.

Improve ROI through user adoption, cost optimisation, and licence automation.

Understand your people through Teams Insights and usage metrics.

Titanium for Microsoft 365

As we transition into a new way of work, organisations need to reflect internally. As opposed to seeing the cloud investment as another line item on a financial report, it should be viewed as an enabler, making it easier and more efficient for you to do what you do best.
Titanium for Microsoft 365 gives you the insight you need to optimise the investment in Microsoft 365, secure identities using automated governance and licensing control, and provide businesses with proven AI-powered intelligence.

Right size your environment
Maximise your Microsoft investment by identifying and acting on cost-saving recommendations, enhancing productivity through automation, and streamlining your licences – all from one place.

Improve your secure score
Close lingering security gaps and make headway on your Zero Trust journey by resolving joiner/mover/leaver vulnerabilities, automating governance, and securing user identities.

Take control
Use AI to make decisive and informed business decisions, tapping into cost transparency, automated insights, and powerful metrics – presented in custom-based dashboards.

We wanted to create a digital transformation strategy with a focus on improved communications for a more cohesive hybrid work environment. But, we didn’t know where to start. Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ Discovery Services helped us assess our current infrastructure to take the right steps towards cloud implementation at a very reasonable price.

Titanium for Azure

As investment in the cloud continues to grow, organisations of all sizes are faced with increased challenges around accurate forecasting, reduced wastage, and balancing potential security risks with optimisation.

Titanium for Azure empowers management teams to respond to these challenges using AI-powered procurement insights. Now, it’s possible to delve deeper into your organisation’s cloud spend, procurement data, risk, and usage – all presented in real-time, through clear dashboards.

Deep dive into Cloud Spend
Understand and optimise cloud spend through powerful AI-backed recommendations, aligned with Microsoft’s ten-point optimisation checklist and presented in clear, accessible dashboards for organisation-wide transparency. 

Minimise Risk, Improve Governance
Receive in-depth security insights and governance recommendations, identifying gaps in security and risks daily. Additionally, be confident in your organisation’s compliance, using the AI tagging engine to review infrastructure standards. 

Control Resource Management
Understand your Azure consumption, make sound business decisions, and identify reallocation opportunities, through AI tagging, integrated infrastructure management, and extensive cloud transparency.  

Identify and address areas of risk and governance.

AI-powered recommendations for easy optimisation.

Accessible, custom-based reporting and dashboards.

Why Titanium?

Titanium’s key differentiator is its insights – their depth, their value, and the speed at which they can be surfaced. Coupled with Liquid C2, you receive an end-to-end managed service encompassing reactive/proactive support, access to Microsoft premier support and free assessments – all delivered by experts geographically spread across Africa to ensure you always have someone close to your business.


Enhance operational productivity, explore the impact of change on employees, and action support such as training based on trends and drilled-down analytics.


Better understand technology usage trends, apply actionable insights, and drive M365 and Azure change programs with accurate metrics.


Get the Insights you need to build a business case for increasing your Secure Score


Understand the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘when’ of collaboration within your organisation, across teams and geographies.


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