Protect Your Data Against Rising Cyberthreats

Managed services

Precise Cybersecurity Management And Protocols Built for High-Demand IT Infrastructure

Our cybersecurity services and solutions are custom-designed to help you safeguard your data assets and business technology– ensuring that your organisational operations are always available and protected. With years of experience in delivering cybersecurity solutions within the IT spectrum, we help your business minimise digital attacks with a robust approach that allows you to get the right balance between process technology and people. Our leading tech-related solutions, straightforward approach, and expert services help ensure that your people, data, and IT infrastructure are secured as the regulatory landscape and cybersecurity security threats change.

Enable Secure And Protected Remote Access for Your Team With Liquid C2

Mid and small-sized companies are now more convenient than ever. In addition, the work-from-home arrangement redefines the security paradigm, driving accelerated demand and growth towards cloud computing to allow more user-centric managed services and security solutions.

Configurations And Secure Remote Systems

Our cyber experts evaluate and protect your organisation’s end-to-end, complete remote access infrastructure to avoid intrusions that can expose your data and systems. In particular, it is unequivocally vital to deploy and monitor user activity and remote systems to detect, prevent, and assess security events. Liquid C2 helps you implement time-tested and rigorous control mechanisms.

Assess To Recognize New Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing and vulnerability scans help detect security gaps in your company’s recently transformed IT architecture. Our highly trained and knowledgeable ethical hackers fake cyberattacks for penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and aspect how to support defences. Here at Liquid C2, our cyber experts extensively test for social engineering risks to see if remote teams are susceptible to cyberattacks that have even mounted amidst the pandemic. In addition, identifying particular vulnerabilities like phishing attacks online helps you train your workers to detect and prevent these attacks as much as possible.

Address Concerns Related To Data Breaches

Our veteran data breach professionals allow you to prevent ongoing cyberattacks and thoroughly investigate the situation by a comprehensive clean-up operation. All critical data is identified, documented, and well-maintained in a manner that that can help you gauge the problem, and our teams work closely with your in-house IT security personnel as well as law enforcement personnel if required.

Identity And Access Management

We provide safe and secure access to essential data and applications, helping you ensure robust authorization within dynamic ecosystems, and manage the entitlements and identities of people, i.e., devices, proactively.

Ensure Privacy And Compliance

Ensuring data privacy and compliance of distributed teams is the top priority at Liquid C2. Therefore, we help you support and protect your IT infrastructure with compliance requirements. At Liquid C2, we achieve this by:

  • Assessing an organisation’s remote access solutions to recognise implications for compliance data security
  • Recommending controls that safeguard customer and business data alike
  • Secure remote architectures so they comply with appropriate regulations, standards, and laws

Streamlined Cloud Security For Remote Access

As your business expands the value chain and scales, the risk exposure also increases. We at Liquid C2, safeguard your business’s critical data against such threats with a focused and proactive approach facilitated by industry-relevant tribal knowledge and threat intelligence. Additionally, to help you fortify the IT infrastructure of your enterprise, we implement practical compliance and cybersecurity solutions tailored to your company and particular business requirements.

We take a resilient approach to keep your remote access secure and protected, avert compliance violations and mitigate risks. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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