Liquid C2 – Your new Microsoft advanced specialisation partner of choice

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Liquid C2, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has achieved Microsoft’s Advanced Specialisation in Networking Services, demonstrating deep knowledge and extensive Microsoft expertise.   The Microsoft Advanced Networking Services’ Advanced Specialisation is designed for partners to demonstrate their deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in planning and deploying Azure cloud networking solutions […]

Liquid C2 launches DDoS Defend Service

DDoS Hacker

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Secure Service for our customers. The solution is designed to proactively reduce attacks by scrubbing traffic and blocking malicious traffic. “Cyber attacks are at an all-time high” explains Ahmad Mokhles, CEO of Liquid Networks. “In 2021 cyber security threats cost […]

Non-Geographic number porting will soon be available with Liquid

Non Geographic number porting

From 7 March 2022 onwards the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has approved the porting of non-geographic phone numbers. paving the way for a more innovative and competitive landscape, the regulations will end the historical dispensation that disallowed non-geographic number porting between service providers and network operators.*  The move resolves a significant issue […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies partners with multi-cloud platform Teridion to deliver faster internet connectivity

Liquid Intelligent Technologies partners with Teridion

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has announced a strategic partnership with Teridion, a superior cloud-based global connectivity platform. Teridion’s multi-cloud-based solution has been added to Liquid’s backbone services as part of their efforts to offer internet service that matches the changing Enterprise needs. This will allow Liquid to provide […]

All You Need To Know About Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience


What is NCE?  Microsoft is all set to launch the New Commerce Experience for 2022, transforming how businesses deal with customer purchases and license management with their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.   The goal for the New Commerce Experience is to simplify the complexity of business tasks by offering an economically-priced solution for retainer contracts. The NCE solution also provides features that enable the Cloud […]

Grow Your Business with the New Commerce Experience

Cloud services

Businesses need new solutions and practices that optimise operations and processes to survive in this fast-paced world. Furthermore, with the advancement in digital technology, they must think about new investments that yield a high value for their organisation, its processes, and its customers. Organisations can benefit from stellar gross margins by investing in the right […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies launches Microsoft Teams Essentials, the most affordable collaboration platform targeting small businesses

Liquid Site Builder

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, is proud to be the launch partner for the new Microsoft Teams Essential offering.  A solution that brings the Teams collaboration platform into an affordable package targeting small, medium and micro-enterprises across the continent. With around seventy-three percent of workers around the globe […]

Cloud Connectivity: The frontline solution that matters the most

Cloud Connectivity

The demand for public cloud services is expected to reach a market value of USD397.4B by 2022, according to  Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending to Grow 23% in 2021. The report further forecasts Software as a Service (SaaS) remaining with the most significant chunk of the market. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and […]

Cloud Storage is not Backup

Microsoft Azure

The confusion between backup and Cloud Storage can lead to organisations having a false sense of security around their data. While Cloud Storage can be a powerful tool, increasing productivity, enabling collaboration, and providing a cost-effective, scalable solution for your storage needs, it is susceptible to many of the same risks encountered by end-user or […]

OneVoice for Operator Connect – Where Do You Start?

OneVoice for Operator Connect

OneVoice for Operator Connect allows organisations to enable calling plans, activate user numbers quickly through the Microsoft Teams Admin Portal, and have their voice heard through Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ first-rate voice network.

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